Only two months to go and we are at the stage where I have to consider which books to order in to bring with me. Given the fact I live on an entirely different continent it is important that I bring what people want instead of bringing over not wanted books!

*poor not-wanted books*

I also want the chance to offer something that worked very well for the UK Meet.

For the UK Meet, quite a few people *pre-ordered* their books from me, and paid in advance (the week leading up to the event). This meant that payment could be made by credit card and that they got the books they wanted.  I then took them to the Meet and handed out to the people who'd bought them, for them to visit me and for me to sign.

For large orders I would probably ask for a deposit, but most I would wait until the week before GRL to invoice.

Anyways… I'm doing the same thing for GRL this year and without further ado… this is the list of available books: