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I loved this Christmas story, everything was so Christmassy, from the tree to the cookies, to the sexy bear in a coffee shop. I adored the flirting, the emotion, and the perfect happy ending. 6/5

Highly recommended.


And now, let's hear from the author herself…

Christmas – what a disaster?!

Now, bear in mind that I LOVE Christmas! At least, I love the run-up to it, with the glitter and the lights and the cheesy romance movies on TV, and the children’s carol singing, and the snowy scenes (despite getting never more than a quarter centimetre of the stuff to stay on the streets of London LOL) and ESPECIALLY the books and stories.

But that doesn’t mean things don’t go wrong!

There was the Christmas *everyone* was sick. The turkey lay untouched, members of the family lay wrapped in blankets on the sofa, while others made sure they were never more than two feet away from a clean bowl.

The Christmas where the distant relatives forgot to bring the pudding and we had to snack on satsumas and Arctic Roll instead (look it up, non-UK-ers).

The Christmas someone gave someone the EXACT item they’d given *them* the year before.

The Christmas a teenager was copying his dad warming his back and bum by the open fireplace, then tripped and sat back in it (luckily the fire had gone out by then).

The Christmas a stray pine needle got wedged up under someone’s big toe nail, necessitating a trip to A&E amidst many tears and wails.

Oh, I could go on. Maybe all of these didn’t actually happen to *me* – but they happened!


In that spirit, this year I’ve released a Christmas short called Goldilocks and the Bear, where there’s a minor crisis in the opening scene involving a Christmas tree and a too-small café doorway.

You can check it out on my “If You Like Christmas…” page (link below) where all my Christmas titles are showcased.

So – Have YOU had disastrous Christmases? Tell us all about it, if you can bear to remember. And please, only for fun!

–Clare London–

If you like Christmas …

Goldilocks and the Bear: