Sexy Erotic Xciting – Heart-wrenching and powerful~ R.J. Scott’s most inspirational and tumultuous read to date, Gabriel will bring tears to your eyes from the first page of the book.

Ms. Scott’s words were unfiltered and resolute as she penned her characterization true to life and with no apologies of the harsh realities sometimes thrown as obstacles in the path of those who felt life was not worth living.

Gabriel’s life was not sugar-coated and realism permeated from each word written, each word spoken, and each physical confrontation.

Ms. Scott’s style of writing left no doubt she is a master craftsman who carefully allowed her characters to drive the story, never forcing the words, and staying true to themselves.

A must read, Gabriel is now a top ten.

Wicked Reads – This is a truly remarkable and special book – but definitely not an easy read. Gabriel is a man who has suffered a lot, and is still in the grips of a manipulative handler. Getting inside his head is an emotional experience; both incredibly moving and painful. Be prepared to try and persuade him to behave differently, again and again.

Thank you, Ms. Scott, for an intense, life affirming, and deeply romantic story. 

The Geekery Book Review – RJ Scott delivers another heart-wrenching yet beautiful story, this one featuring Gabe and Cam. This is definitely not the easiest story to read, Gabe goes through a lot of emotional and physical abuse, and it’s hard to read but it’s a part of his story. I felt for him, I hurt for him and I was angry for him. Cam and Gabe’s journey certainly isn’t easy or lighthearted but it’s a journey of healing and finally understanding what love really means.

MM Good Book Reviews – This story is an amazing addition to the Legacy series. 

I really enjoyed this story, we are given a treat as we follow Gabriel and Cam’s story because not only do we get their building love but we also see into some troubles in Cam’s life which adds to the overall story. R.J. Scott has yet again created a wonderful love story that emerges from tragic circumstances. There are some harrowing moments for Gabriel that can cause triggers to readers affected by sexual and physical abuse but those moments are important to the story.

I recommend this to those who love damaged characters who emerge from the ashes to rebuild their lives, who love men who are determined to hold onto love, who love a dash of trouble that is firmly smoothed over, and who love having their hearts filled with love as they read the last pages.

The Way She Reads – I’d advice anybody to heed this warning. If Kyle’s story in Legacy Ranch #1 was hard to read, this one takes the character’s pain and the reader’s discomfort a few steps further. There are no two ways about it, Gabriel’s plight will tear your heart out of your chest, break it and then stomp all over the broken pieces.

Gabriel’s journey towards a place where he begins to recognise that he is worth more and might be loveable and even capable of loving somebody else is breathtaking if far from easy. Because this story doesn’t come with miracles, sudden flashes of insight and easy ‘happy-ever-afters’. And while that made the story at times very hard to read, it also provided a level of reality that made the ending to this story all the more touching and so very worthy of the tears in my eyes.

So my friends, heed the warning and then lose yourself in a story that will touch your heart and stay with you for a very long time.