What made you decide to start writing? What was your personal “kick-off”? 

Talia: For as long as I can remember I’ve been writing. I started writing from my love of reading. I love to read and always imagine after I finish a book about what other characters in the book I liked story would be like. In my head I would make up their stories eventually the ideas changed to my own characters and stories. I didn’t write it down these ideas but they keep filling my thoughts. It wasn’t until I was inspired by something that happened that I sat down and wrote what was in my thoughts.

I was inspired by my characters and then the idea came to me. Once I had the idea I kept going over them in my mind and dream about everything in their lives. Then I got into the heads of my characters so I could know them. I got to know my characters as if I’m them before I wrote the first word. I knew every moment they went through in their life. Live in their shoes. Once I have all that then I sat and wrote.

Do you take a notepad with you wherever you go?

Talia: Oh yes I do. I'd be lost without it. I'm always pulling out the notepad and writing things down. Ideas for scene or new books strike anytime and I have learned to always have something to write on. 🙂

What inspires you to write?

Talia:  The exploration of the complex emotion of Love. It is a complex thing that no one no matter how powerful can control it. Putting two men together and seeing how they falling in love unfolds is such a wonderful thing to write. Maybe it will be instant they find their mate but still the road to getting to that happily ever after will be filled with the twists and turns of love. It can also be easy by just meeting of the eyes and knowing  you are meant for each other. The wonderful thing is all about the journey easy and smooth or hard and difficult. Or anything in between. Love is wonderful to experience and that is what inspires me to write. I love writing in men falling in love.


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By: Talia Carmichael
Dreamspinner Press
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ISBN: 978-1-62380-445-9
Genre: Contemporary
Series: Something in Common– Book 7
Format: E-Book
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Taggart Monroe wants to know what makes Rhodes Winslow tick. Rhodes finds the friendly barbs he and Taggart exchange intriguing, fun, and sexy. He wants Taggart and knows Taggart wants him even though he won’t admit it. Taggart studies people the way he studies the details of his cases, so he’s drawn to a man who is an enigma. Getting to know Rhodes is an adventure Taggart can’t resist, just like the magnetism between them.


Excerpt from Magnetism

Taggart exited his car and waited for Rhodes by the open door. Rhodes stopped in front of him, a small smile on his face.


“It wasn’t such a bad date after all.” Rhodes leaned closer.

“I would say something, but my momma taught me to behave.” Taggart leaned toward him. “It stuck some of the time.”

“And others?”

“I forget all I was taught.” Taggart chuckled. “It comes and goes.”

“Losing your mind, huh? That comes with old age.”

“We’re the same age.”

“You’re a few months older.” Rhodes clicked his tongue. “Older men are so sexy.” “Smart-assing even at the end of the date. The correct way to end a date is to be kind, gentle, and sweet.” Taggart’s lips twitched.
Rhodes snorted and they both started to laugh. They leaned against each other, chuckling. Taggart thought of
their date. They had laughed a lot. He found he enjoyed hearing Rhodes laugh.

“You like my laugh, huh.” Rhodes smirked.

Taggart blinked, not realizing he had said the words out loud. He shifted, sliding his arms around Rhodes’s waist and pulling him closer. Rhodes moved, Taggart knew, just like himself. If Rhodes didn’t want to, he’d have never gotten him to. His giving in made Taggart’s cock harden. Taggart sensed the strength within Rhodes and knew it would be a formidable match to his own. His mind filled with images of Rhodes pinned below him as they sparred. Taggart moaned, pressing his lips against Rhodes’s. He opened and Taggart licked inside his mouth. The taste of the coffee they’d had before he brought Rhodes home filled his mouth. Pulling him flush against his body, Taggart slid his hands down to cup Rhodes’s ass. Rhodes released a harsh exhalation, his breath filling Taggart’s mouth. Taking the sound in, Taggart lifted his head, leaving a miniscule gap of space between their lips.

“I like your sounds too. Even when you snort.”

“I like your snotty know-it-all tone. Like you’re using now,” Rhodes whispered against his lips. “But there is time for kissing and talking. Shut the hell up.” Rhodes gripped his hair and closed the space between them.
He pushed in his tongue, moving it aggressively against Taggart’s. Not one to back down, Taggart met him lick for lick and suck for suck. He didn’t give in and neither did Rhodes. The hard hold Rhodes had on his head made Taggart want to strip him bare and fuck him. He clenched his hands on Rhodes’s butt, yanking Rhodes against him. Taggart rocked against the bulging erection pressing against him. Rhodes widened his legs, rubbing his erection against Taggart’s. Suddenly Rhodes stopped their kiss, lifted his head, and pressed his forehead against Taggart’s shoulder. Harsh breaths came from him. Confused, Taggart rubbed his hands along his back. Soon Rhodes lifted his head again and met Taggart’s gaze. Taggart licked his lips at the stark desire in Rhodes’s eyes.

Copyright © Talia Carmichael, 2013.
All Rights Reserved.


Bio: Talia Carmichael is a romantic who believes that family, no matter if it is by blood or those you choose as family, is integral to who you are. She is an author who writes sexy stories in a variety of genres. She believes in creating stories that encompass all that falling in love or lust entails, from the highs of that first blush of attraction to the lows of not knowing if you can make your coming together as a couple work, and then finally to the acceptance of the reality of making a life together. It's all about the journey.

Among her books you'll find contemporary, futuristic, fantasy, and paranormal settings with M/M themes that will have a happily-ever-after. Her books are passionate, intense, and real… to fill the craving.