Thank you for having me over, RJ.

I recently republished my College Fun and Gays series and I’m grateful for the opportunity to showcase the awesome new covers (by Zathyn Priest!), and my latest release: Cold Hands. The series was re-edited by Douglas Black and is now available as individual stories and a two-part anthology (cheaper!).


First I’m going to answer some interesting questions:

How do you keep your stories “organized”? I mean, remembering side characters, visuals, background stories, connections…
A lot of the scenes are from my daydreams, so most of it plays like a movie in my head. The characters are very much alive to me, but I do keep a short file on vital information for the series books, like do they have siblings and such.

Favourite position in your books you've always wanted to try?
Anal sex – me being the top 😛 I really want to try pegging a guy. Hey, I already know everything about prepping and I’ve got very delicate fingers. When I look at them with prepping in mind I keep thinking it can’t possibly be that painful, but then I remember that most guys have thicker fingers.

Is there a solution to global warming?
Exterminate cows? I don’t know. I heard somewhere that the gas cows make is a huge factor in the global warming. Then, of course, more of us could take up biking (I’m doing it now), use public transportation and take up geothermal energy and heating wherever possible.


Each College Fun and Gays story focuses on a specific issue that LGBT people might face in today’s society because of their sexuality. Although the topics are serious, the stories are generally light with a bit of humor thrown in. The genres I list them under are: Gay (M/M), Erotic Romance, Contemporary, and New Adult. Except for Hot Hands and Cold Hands, they don’t have to be read in any order as they don't feature the same couples.


Hot Hands

For weeks, college student Casper has been the victim of sail-by goosing and groping. The problem is that Casper would very much like to get more than groped by those wonderful, big, hot hands. With a journal full
of clues, he sets out to discover who his mystery groper is. He may, however, be in serious trouble once he discovers the ominous identity.

Hot Hands focuses on the effects of high school bullying for being gay.


Grade-A-Sex Deal

When College professor Daniel Corrigan was brutally kicked out of his home after revealing his true sexuality to his wife, he had to make a whole new life for himself. For the first time in two years Daniels main heartache isn't the none-existent relationship with his two kids, but the fact that the grade-A-sex deal with his student Troy Anderson is about to expire. After a whole semester of office fun, Troy has managed to squeeze his way into the core of Daniels soul. Daniel, however, is positive hes nothing more to Troy but a
teacher who can modify a grade.

Grade-A-Sex Deal focuses on depression after ostracism.


The Walls Have Ears

Short and scrawny college student Harley Santos has a strange relationship with the guy on the other side of his bedroom wall. For weeks, the two have been masturbating to each other’s voices, but they have never met in person. In fact, he doesn't know a single thing about his wall-mate except that he looks and sounds incredibly hot.

When Harley’s roommate, Ryan, is asked on a date by one of his neighbors, Harley is devastated that his wall-mate mistook not-hot Harley for super-hot Ryan. Helping Harley through his heartache is Tasha Novokov, the other neighbor, who is tall, dark, and impossibly handsome.

The Walls Have Ears focuses on insecurities of first-time dating: Is the guy I like gay or straight?


Little Stalker

College student Coby is being stalked by a young guy and has no idea why until someone suggests that the stalker may have a crush on him. The idea both excites and terrifies Coby, who is so deep in the closet he
can barely manage to think the word “gay” without freaking out.

Little Stalker focuses on the deep, dark closet and internal homophobia.


Welcome, Brother:

When arts student Kyler Morris applies for membership to The Nova Britannia Brotherhood, he's immediately floored by their intimidating leader, Hunter Kingsley. Fellow arts student Hunter, however, isn't the bad-ass he's made out to be and takes Kyler under his wing.

While Kyler struggles to keep his crush under control and his sexuality hidden from the Brothers, Hunter battles daemons of his own in the form of two Brothers who aren't playing by the rules.

Welcome Brother focuses on acceptance in college and gay bashing.


Cold Hands

“Hot-Hands” and Casper have been dating for a month, but their relationship is about as smooth as shattered glass. It doesn't help that Hot-Hands is racked with guilt over his high school bullying of Casper, or that Casper darts away whenever his boyfriend gets a little too frisky.

Desperate to hang onto Casper, Hot-Hands tries to earn back the trust he destroyed years ago, so they can face their disastrous past and have a chance at a happy future.

Cold Hands focuses on high school bullying for being gay. This is the sequel to Hot Hands and contains big spoilers if read first.


College Fun and Gays: Anthology One

Contains Hot Hands, Cold Hands, and The Walls Have Ears. This Anthology explores the effects of high school bullying, and the question: is the guy I like straight or gay?

College Fun and Gays: Anthology Two

Contains Grade-A-Sex Deal, Little Stalker, and Welcome, Brother. This Anthology explores ostracism for being gay, internal homophobia, the closet, and being gay in a fraternity.


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