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RJ asked me to stop by to promote my latest book. If you don't have a copy of to Catch a Croc leave a comment to enter to win and if you do I'll give you another book from my back list or my coming soon. To wet your appetite for my next book in the Banded Brothers series here is a snippet from to Enchant an Eagle. It is unedited and could change at any time.

Excerpt from To Enchant an Eagle

Eaton should be studying he knew he should. However, Marty lay in the room next to him silent as death. Ever since they’d rescued him from the psychotic hawk trying to take over his gang he hadn’t woken.

When Denton had returned to town he’d settled the hawks into the third floor finishing off the attic rooms that had been ignored long ago. Every once in a while one of them gathered enough courage to peek at Marty but none of them stayed for long not after Eaton glared them down.

Since he’d killed their old leader, Eaton was technically their new alpha until Marty woke, just another reason to want Marty to pull out of his coma. The other reasons involved much more carnal interaction.

Shaking his head Eaton tried to concentrate on his thesis but abstract physics couldn’t keep his attention like the handsome hawk shifter in the next room.

“Fuck!” Marty’s voice hard and angry had Eaton’s heart skipping a beat.

Rushing into the bedroom he skidded to a halt when Marty’s dark gaze pinned him to the spot.

“Hey you shouldn’t get up,” Eaton protested. “You’re still recovering. I need to call the doctor.”

Reaching into his pocket he stopped dialing when Marty spoke. “You don’t need to call the doctor I was just looking for you.”

“Me?” Eaton asked tilting his head in inquiry.

“Of course I wanted to know why my mate wasn’t in bed with me.” Marty frowned as if Eaton had committed a heinous act.


“How hard did you hit your head?” Eaton’s heart beat rapidly in his chest as if it were trying to sprout its own wings and take flight. Although rare sometimes a really hard blow to the head could cause temporary confusion. Pleased with that explanation Eaton walked a little closer. He might be attracted to Marty but the hawk had never declared them mates before.

“My head would feel better if you came and snuggled with me.” A man who used such a pitiful tone shouldn't have the strength to watch Eaton like he was a field mouse to a very hungry hawk.


To Catch a Croc

Book 2 in The Banded Brothers series is available now:

Protect those you love, annihilate everyone else.

For as long as he could remember Denton Stills has followed his friend Carey around. When Carey gets a mate Denton starts to consider maybe it is time for him to find his forever man. However the only one sniffing around is an obnoxious puma who seems to think Denton is as good as his.

When saltwater crocodile shifters try to move into Denton’s territory he takes a page from Carey’s father “protect those you love, annihilate everyone else. Will Denton be able to hold back a shifter invasion with his friends or will he have to ask for help from the one man who makes him thinks happily ever after might be possible?

BUY LINK: http://www.extasybooks.com/to-catch-a-croc-2/


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