FREE Books

?? Did you know that today is the 131st anniversary of the Hole Puncher… *Thank you Google for telling me that*

Got me thinking about all those times I used a hole puncher and made the holes in the wrong place. When I started work way back in *mumbles date* a hole punch was a skill that had to be taught by ninja-puncher experts. The hole puncher was my nemesis.

?? Also, Bodyguards Inc. and the *thing with the stapler*.
Which then, because it's release week for Texas 8 and I'm all excited made me think… *freebie*…

So, for TODAY ONLY I've made the 1st AND 2nd book in my Bodyguards series free and available here:

Bodyguards Inc 1 –
Bodyguards Inc 2 –

Feel free to share the offer as it won't be around long!