The Book

A standalone, English Hearts story.

A rich playboy who lives for the now, and a Veterinarian who is ruled by his past, both seek a future that allows for love.

Ashby Sterling-Haynes, the youngest son of a titled family, has had a lot of hook ups, but has never found someone worth keeping. When he meets introverted Veterinarian, Connor Lawson, he realizes this could be the man he's been waiting for.

Connor has a painful past and no room for an entitled rich guy in his future. Ashby is everything that Connor dislikes in a man and is way too sexy to be anything but a disruption to Connor’s peaceful life.

Both men refuse to believe in love for different reasons. Until they meet each other and a future together becomes real…

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Words of Wisdom – “….Readers who enjoy watching opposites attract will be drawn to the complex relationship between veterinarian Connor and rich boy Ash in this sweet and sensual read. Over the course of one summer these two men will find themselves at crossroads that will not only push them together but pull them apart as they discover who they really are and what they really want. The quietness of village life is the backdrop to this relationship that is antagonistic at first but slowly becomes more profound as they deal with their pasts, prejudices, and expectations and readers will find themselves quickly caught up in the drama….”

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Joyfully Jay – 4.75/5 – “….I warn you, this book will have you running the gamut of emotions.  I found myself laughing out loud, giggling, tearing up, and outright bawling at times. I hated to see it end, but console myself that I can revisit the village of Upper Fordham in the next in the series. I highly recommend!…”

Padme's Library – 5/5 – “….You can't help but want to wrap Connor up in a tight hug to shield him from what we can guess he dealt with in his past.  Watching him find his way in the world and specifically in the community that held such wonderful childhood memories is refreshing and uplifting….”


Here is peace.

A noise behind him had him turning. Someone was following him through the trees, but the footfalls sounded louder than he had been, rhythmic, and when the man burst out of the woods in running shorts, shoes and little else, Connor was startled by the abruptness of it all.

Then he realised who it was.

So much for peace.

Ash pulled up the run right next to him. And more of that naked chest was seemingly thrust into Connor’s world. “Hey,” he said by way of greeting. He didn’t even sound out of breath.

“You’re a runner,” Connor noted. And why the hell did I say that? Because I’m stupid around Ash’s naked chest, that’s why.

Ash looked down at himself. “Uhm, yeah.”

They stood in uncomfortable silence for a few seconds, but then both spoke at once.

“I wanted to apologise—”

“I’m sorry—”

They both stopped. Connor waited. Something about the expression on Ash’s face spoke to him. There was concern there, and embarrassment.

“I’m sorry if us kissing at the surgery was inappropriate.” Ash spoke formally, which was at odds with the bare chest, barely there running shorts and the glistening sweat that was over every inch of his lithe body, well the inches that Connor could see, anyway.

“And I’m sorry if I judged you without knowing you.”

Ash appeared to consider the statement. “Will you tell me why you did?”

Connor shook his head rigorously.

Another impasse. Ash stepped into his space and he smelled of sunshine. Connor held himself rigid. Quickly Ash pressed another kiss to Connor’s lips, backed off and began to leave, jogging backwards for a while.

“Never said sorry meant I wouldn’t kiss you again,” he said with a laugh. Then he ran through an arch in the wall to the Grange and disappeared.

Yet again Connor was left astonished at the audacity and more than halfway turned-on by the action.

“Arsehole,” he muttered. Then, pivoting on his heel, his peace well and truly destroyed, he went back to his car.

Confident, sexy, arrogant Ash was seriously fucking with his head and was way too much like Tristan. He was halfway through the woods when he stopped as a sudden thought crossed his mind.

So why doesn’t him being in my space freak me out? Why was he the first man to get close since everything happened that didn’t make Connor want to run? What was it about Ash and all his cockiness that wasn’t quite the same as those others?

Connor crouched down as all his energy left him in one heavy exhale.

The others.