Welcome to Kay Berrisford, my new pal from the UK Meet, who was nervous right next to me!

She is joining my blog today answering some questions and talking about her books.

You may have seen me raving about a book she wrote after I got home from Manchester. I wrote the following about Catching Kit “…I just finished Catching Kit and i LOVED it… I recommend it anyone who likes a big strong alpha with a kink for woman's underwear. Fantastic world building and I was drawn in immediately by Kit the elf… set in London… you'll love it…”

What I loved about this writing was the lyrical poetry of the words. I could imagine the world that was being drawn so vividly and I didnt want to put the book down!

Kay is the first in my *focus on authors* blogposts. She is running a competition to win a $20 gift card plus a copy from her back catalog. Simply comment below to be entered.  Good Luck!

What inspires you?

Right now, I’m lucky enough to be
sitting in a castle library overlooking a rugged stretch of the
Pembrokeshire coast. Wow! How could I not imagine smugglers, mermen,
pirates, gallant heroes from the Age of Sail, and Vikings marauding
along the shore? All of the above actually visited the coastline I’m
gazing at, save possibly the mermen…but I’m going to seek them on my
walk later, so we’ll see.

While, sadly, this isn’t my
usual writing spot, I am incredibly lucky in that I get to travel all
over the world and stay in some amazing places. Wherever I go, I see
sites that can’t fail to inspire me and I back my experiences up with
lots of lovely reading and research. But in the end, meeting and being
inspired by people is the most important thing. I love telling love
stories. However exciting the location, the characters who fall for each
other are the heart of my tales, and it’s their quest for happiness
that drives me over the finish line.

What are some of your plans for future books?

I would love to write more about Herne and Tam, the heroes of Bound to the Beast and Locking Horns.
Herne and Tam are semi stag-shifter spirits, and Herne started life as a
warlord of old. He was born nearly two thousand years ago! So far, I’ve
taken their story up to a couple of centuries past (in Locking Horns)
but I would love to see how Herne would handle the twenty-first
century. Being a shifter in the forests of yesteryear is one thing, but
what would happen if Herne started to sprout antlers in the middle of a
supermarket? Modern life could be challenging for Tam too. Tam embraces
all things new, but that could get him in trouble as much as Herne’s
hatred of the modern world might. I can envisage all sorts of tension
for them both, if Tam became a speed freak or dabbled with drugs or
something along those lines.

As for other plans, I
often have an idea brewing for a year or so before I get around to
writing it. At the moment, I’m playing with a couple of “opposites
attract” stories. The first is from a friend’s prompt, and involves a
sexy, manipulative merman and a poetic pirate—I hope their romance will
happen sometime soon. I’ve also got a gorgeous, laid back archaeologist
character, Neil, who’s kicking me to write his tale. It’s going to be
totally epic. Neil is going to have to save the world with a very angry
and intense time-traveling Viking before they can find love together.
That one will likely take some time for me to finish.

Who are some of your favourite authors, and what are your favourite plot lines / tropes?

I’m after a contemporary, I’m often drawn to “opposites attract”
stories or “enemies to lovers.” For a good romance that I can trust to
have a very happy ending, I adore Tara Lain’s books, and of course, our
lovely RJ. Tara’s Hearts and Flour made me grin for ages, and RJ’s Heart
of Texas was one hell of a page turner.

I adore
“rescue” plots, including some quite dark ones with BDSM themes. For
example, I always devour Lisa Henry and JA Rock’s books, whether they’re
writing together or apart. The Island, The Good Boy, and By His Rules
are among the standout stories I’ve read over the past year.

Can you link us to some of the best reviews you have ever had?

Some of my best reviews came for my m/m spin on the Robin Hood legend, Lord of the Forest. Here’s a few….

“…Fantastic sex scenes convey the depth of emotion that the two share. I highly recommend this engaging read as well as the other books in the Greenwood series. Great writing, smoldering sex and a different kind of love story awaits in each book….”EMMA, NIGHT OWL REVIEWS. Read more>>>>.

“….The writing is as lush as the forests our characters find themselves in and despite there being elementals, spirits and fairies, everything seemed so real. With descriptions so vivid you could almost imagine yourself there among the Greenwood yourself. The writing is very lyrical, almost like poetry… The love scenes between Robin and Cal are scorching hot, but as well as the physical connection, there is also the emotional one between them… The book is wonderful and I don't really know what else to say about it except – go, read and enjoy!….”ANNETTE GISBY, ZIPPER RIPPERS.  Read more>>>>.

“….There is danger and treachery and even a little bit of heartbreak before an ending that effectively resolved the demands of the Greenwood that the protector bloodline must endure. It is an alchemy that only the Fae could perpetuate; it challenges the imagination, and it also left me wondering if (read: hoping) the author might consider a sequel to the adventure….”LISA, THE NOVEL APPROACHRead more>>>>.

“….We are pulled into a wonderful new story that combines fantasy with history, myths with facts, and legends with historical figures, combining everything together to give us a new spectacular Greenwood story… I will recommend this story to those that love history mixed with their fantasy, who love folklore and legends, hot sex and a happily ever after….” PIXIE, MM GOOD BOOK REVIEWSRead more>>>>.

“….This smoothly written story celebrates the erotic and supernatural adventures of Robin Hood within a perilous forest… a fun way to spend an afternoon. Recommended….”VAL KOVALIN, JESSEWAVE REVIEWS.

How do you deal with a bad review?

I’ve never received anything too bad from a review site—as of yet—but I’ve had many a critical reader review. I don’t have a great way of dealing with it, as I have a very thin skin, though I do try to listen to any form of criticism that can help me improve in the future and satisfy more readers. But you just can’t please everyone. One person’s perfect book will be another’s “did not finish,” so I try to remind myself of that too.

Can you recommend two or three of your *go to* authors?

Escapism/fairytale/comfort read (with plenty of lovely angst too!) – Megan Derr.

For well-crafted kink – Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow.

Favourite film?

Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Favourite book in general?

so difficult. I’ll go for some classics I’ve enjoyed – Vanity Fair by
WM Thackeray and The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins.

Favourite book in your genre?

Too hard to choose, but recently I’ve admired…

Brute by Kim Fielding

The Bacchi by Belinda McBride

Close Quarter by Anna Zabo

The Aloysius Trilogy by Tara Lain

Want to know more about Kay Berrisford?

Visit her website at: www.kayberrisford com
Email her at: kayberrisford@yahoo.co.uk
Facebook her at: https://www.facebook.com/kayberrisfordwriter
Twitter at: https://twitter.com/KayBerrisford

Kay's published works are :-

Catching Kit (Loose Id)
Simon, Sex, and the Solstice Stone (Loose Id)
Lord of the Forest (Loose Id)
Bound for the Forest (Loose Id)
Bound to the Beast (Loose Id)
Locking Horns (Loose Id)
Prisoner of the Mountain Watch (free read)

and these are available at: –

Loose ID  |  Amazon  |  All Romance  |  iBookstore (selected titles only)