The Book

At Whispering Hills where mortals and paranormals coexist peacefully – and romantically – love really does bite!

Talib Eldridge is a vampire who lives with guilt. 100 years ago, he accidentally turned a human to a vampire and has been afraid to get close to anyone for fear of ever losing control as he once did. When he meets Conley Berillo, his commitment to living in isolation is challenged. Immediately drawn to the human, he can’t help but fall in love.

Conley has always felt out of place. Never fitting in with others, he too has lived in isolation. When the existence of paranormal creatures is finally acknowledged, he feels an immediate affinity to the outcasts, still feared and hated by humans. Moving to Whispering Hills in Providence, Rhode Island, he knows immediately that he belongs to this new world. When he meets Talib, that conviction is only solidified.

When Jonah Townsend, the human Talib had turned about a hundred years earlier, re-enters the picture, Talib and Conley’s newfound happiness is threatened. Conley becomes the tool that Jonah uses to get back at Talib and Talib is forced to make a choice. Fight for his own happiness and risk Conley’s life, or put Conley’s safety first and sacrifice what he’s searched and struggled for over two hundred years!

The Review

I really enjoyed this story. The idea of paranormals and humans living side by side is something that intrigues me. The sex is hot, the story is good, the set up for book 2 (I hope I am right) is good as well. Some people have said in reviews that the characters had too much self doubt. I don't agree, I like that the characters explore how they feel, together and when they are alone. This has elements of a kind of insta-lust but the characters had time to grow after that, which I appreciated. I did sometimes want to shout at Talib about one thing… you'll see what I mean…

Nicely done bad guy as well…