The Case of the Sinful Santa (with Amber Kell)

The Jeep Diva – 4/5 – “….Ms. Scott and Ms. Kell have opened up a paranormal world not only of adventure but of very “human-like” people who love and trust each other and have banded together to form their own unique and special family.

The way Bob adored Sam was priceless and melted my heart. Zephariel and Nick were loving mates who would do anything for each other, including becoming human, if needed.

What I like best about the series is the progression the authors take the reader through. A journey of love and intrigue, where one book ends and the next begins. Best read in order to follow the story line, the End Street Detective Agency is worth the time to read….”

Paranormal Romance Guild – Penelope Adams – 4/5 – “….Once again the duo of Kell and Scott skillfully take us into the world of fantasy, erotica and humor with a little bit of Christmas magic thrown in for good measure. We’ve met Sam and Bob in previous novellas and fell in love with their give and take. Each new book takes us a little deeper into their world, introducing us to new characters and giving us new insight into old familiar ones. These two authors write as one, and if the reader didn’t know better they would swear they were hearing the story from one person….”

Paranormal Romance Guild – Gloria Lakritz – 4.5/5 –
“….Amber Kell and RJ Scott have written this fun tongue-in-cheek fantasy series that I cannot get enough of… The give and take of the characters and the double entendres are written by very quick-witted authors with a sense of humor that is fun to read…..

….I know this is February, and the holidays are over, but it would be to your benefit as it was ours to look into this wonderful series and wait along with us for another installment of “WHAT IS SAM?’…..”

The Agent and the Model

Prism Book Alliance – 4/5 – “….I don’t really know why this is my favorite of the series.  Maybe because we sympathized with Mikey from earlier in the series.  Maybe it is because we were there for the initial horrors in his life.  Maybe it was just the chemistry between Michael and Alex.  I can’t really put my finger on it.  Just read it 😉  Start with book 1, The Fireman and the Cop, and you, too, will fall in love with the men of Ellery….”

Rainbow Book Reviews – “….This is another enjoyable addition to the Ellery Mountain stories featuring not only Michael and Alex, but incorporating many of the other characters I've grown fond of, into the action. RJ has a great way of combining angst and tribulation with love and hope and finding a happy ending for all her very special men. I recommend this story to those who have read and love the Ellery Mountain series, along with those who may be new to it, who like sexy men, intrigue, strong female characters, small town ambiance, passion, loyalty, and strong friendships. Thanks, RJ, for giving Mikey and Alex their happily ever after….”The Agent and the Model

The Jeep Diva – 4.5/5 – “….There is no pretentiousness when reading R.J. Scott’s Ellery Mountain series, and The Agent and the Model did not disappoint. The title is exactly what we find; modeling agent Alex and model Mikey maintain a professional relationship turned personal one, with pitfalls that require healing. After Mikey was attacked six years prior, he left the sanctuary of Ellery to enter the world of modeling only to find himself attacked again, and Alex’s need to protect him, only compounded the problem by not discussing Mikey’s  potential stalker….”

Crooked Tree Ranch

The Jeep Diva – 5/5 – “….Ms. Scott provided a fantastic story with passionate personalities. The secondary characters added life to the tale and I look forward to reading each of the brother’s story and the others at Crooked Tree Ranch.

R.J. Scott never disappoints in her writing, creating a world the bounces off the pages and captures one’s attention.

A terrific start to a new series, and one that I will definitely be reading….”

Guilty Indulgence Reviews – 4/5 – “….I will admit it took me a while to connect to Nate and Jay, but once I was into the story and I didn't want it to end. In fact I kept expecting there to be more pages because there was so much left untold. So well played Ms. Scott, I am hooked….well played indeed….”

The Guilty Werewolf

Sensual Reads – 4.5/5 – “….Exciting and fast paced, The Guilty Werewolf takes us deeper into a world where conspiracies have been lurking for years.  It is now that they are unraveling.  Declan and Levi feature in The Guilty Werewolf but Connor and Micah are back as well.  R.J. Scott has created a whole world for us and each story yields little more information and tempts the reader to keep turning the pages to see what will happen next.  The story is far from over and we have many more to look forward to.  R.J. Scott is talented writer with a fertile imagination just waiting to be further tapped….”

The Warlocks Secret

Sensual Reads – “….A variety of secrets come to life in The Warlock’s Secret.  R.J. Scott continues to weave a story filled with treachery and deceit, danger and suspense.  Each story gradually unfolds pieces of the plot and we are left wanting more.   The Supernatural Bounty Hunters series is becoming more and more captivating and intriguing.  It is hard to wait to see what happens next.  And that is the true mark of a gifted storyteller – one who knows how to keep the audience enthralled….”

Jesse's Christmas

Mrs Condit & Friends read books – 5/5 – “….The question becomes, will Jesse be able to give up his sophisticated, if very insular, life in NYC for the coddled life as the partner of a small town teacher? Or will the small town teacher be able to leave his comfortable position as the beloved teacher and organizer of almost every facet of the month long celebration of Christmas in his hometown? We watch, knowing what their choices should be, hoping that they will be, and knowing that love just has to win in the end. Doesn’t it? An excellent story, set during the Christmas season, but meaningful at any time of the year….”

Texas Christmas

Guilty Indulgence Reviews – 5/5 – “….The addition of Max and his needs adds another layer of interest to the story line. Autism in all it's many variations is so much a part of everyday life it's nice to see it handled in a caring accepting way. Blending the family together and making adjustments are something that happen everyday and reading about these men fighting and loving each other unconditionally is incredibly beautiful.

I don't think I will ever get tired or reading about the men and women who live and love on this fictional ranch….”

The New Wolf

Fallen Angel Reviews – 5/5 – “….This incredible story began with a bang and never let up until the very end….”