Favourite Christmas Movies

Love Actually – so much yummy British Goodness set at Christmas where Hugh Grant is an awesome single Prime Minister.

Fab film

And very poignant with the sister who has the additional needs brother.

IMDB entry – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0314331/

Today's Featured Author – Eli Easton

Eli's Five Festive Favourites

Favourite Festive Film – Elf
Favourite Festive Song – O Holy Night
Favourite Festive Food – Peppermint latte
Favourite Festive Story/Myth – I like movies and stories set around Santa's workshop & the North Pole
Favourite Festive Tradition – Visiting family for Christmas (which involves a trip for us since no one is close)

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Christmas Angel (The Christmas Angel #1) – OUT DEC 2

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When John Trent, a dedicated member of the new Bow Street Runners, finds an exquisite carved angel floating in the Thames, he can’t stop thinking about it. He tracks down its creator, a sad and quiet young sculptor. But neither the angel nor the sculptor is done with John just yet. The blasted angel refuses to leave him be, behaving not at all like an inanimate object should.

Alec Allston is resigned to the fact that his love will ever be a river that flows out and never flows in. All he wanted to do was create a special gift so that a small part of himself could be with his unattainable and noble beloved, always. But when the gift keeps showing back up at his shop in the hands of a windblown and rugged thief-taker, Alec will need to reconsider his conviction that love is destined to remain an ethereal ideal.