SHORT STORY 15th – For Amber Kell's birthday celebrations It's here!
RELEASE 22nd – End Street Volume 3
released to
celebrate Amber Kell's birthday – including book 5, The Case
the Purple Pearl, and book 6, The Case of the Guilty Ghost
link to page to follow
TRANSLATION 22nd – The French translation of
Retrograde is
Retrograde – French
SALE 22nd – 30th End Street Vols 1 & 2 
reduced in price
to $3.99
End Street


AUDIO Date TBA – Texas Christmas in Audio released Texas Christmas
RELEASE 1st – Deep Edge (Harrisburg Railers
Hockey #3)
MM Hockey
RELEASE 6th – Love Happens Anyway Love Happens Anyway
SALE 1st – Changing Lines (Harrisburg
Railers Hockey
#1) Bookbub promotion at 99c
MM Hockey
SALE 1st – First Season (Harrisburg
Railers Hockey #2)
price reduction to $2.99
MM Hockey
SALE 1st – 31st – New York Christmas
price reduction to $2.99
New York Christmas
SALE 1st – 31st – The Christmas
Collection price reduction
to $2.99
Christmas Collection
SHORT STORY 6th – Alex Jane's Advent Calendar
participation date
for short story – on this blog
Will appear on this blog on 6th
COMPETITION 4th -21st  – HUGE cross group
competition with a
myriad of authors and the grand prize of
a Kindle Paperwhite
Christmas multi-author Competition
TRANSLATION Texas Winter in French link to page to follow
TRANSLATION New York Christmas in German link to page to follow
TRANSLATION Angel in a Book Shop in Spanish link to page to follow