In this example I created a book request form for GRL, but you can also use Google forms to collect emails for a campaign, or to run small polls.

A useful You Tube video walking you through this is here:

Brief notes and screen prints here:

Sign in to Google Drive / Go to Google Docs

Click on Create / Form

Add caption

Select a template – you can change these at a later date

Give the form a title – it auto saves as you work on it.

Next select a type for question 1, this would be checkboxes as you want a list of books you want to offer. (if you want to use this form to ask questions, then instead of text box, use text)

 Type in your book titles and press Done.


Get the code to share this form. To do this click on Send Form in the top right hand corner.

You will be shown a hyperlink AND a button to press to get the code to embed the file into your website / blog.
On this page where you created the file is a button to see responses, view the form (always useful to see it doesn't look stupid!) and so on.