The Heart Of Texas, RJ Scott, MM Romance, Gay Romance - Kindle UnlimitedWelcome to RJ's Cowboys

I love writing Cowboys & Ranchers – in fact, Texas was my first big series and after that, Montana. There is something about men in their worn jeans with their can-do attitudes. They are hard workers, passionately tied to their land and loving the animals they tend.

In Texas and Montana, both ranches are struggling financially. In Texas, Jack is blackmailed into marriage because of his vulnerable financial situation. In Montana, Nate hires in Jay to help turn the ranch around, and in doing so finds love.

In Legacy (the spin-off from Texas) each boy needing help is partnered with a horse, and the Legacy Ranch, set up by Jack Campbell-Hayes, is a place for healing

In the Wyoming duology (Book 2 coming early 2021) Micah fights a brutal winter to rebuild his ranch and fights ghosts from the past to make a home for his family.

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