The Case Of The Cupid Curse competition weekend with Amber Kell

With the release of The Case of the Cupid Curse Amber Kell and I are running a couple of contests.

My contest will earn you a $25 gift card to Amazon, ARe or BN. The winner will be chosen at random on Saturday.

To enter my contest you have to comment on the following:

In the Case of the Ghastly Ghost (End Street Book 3) we are introducing a new character, an Angel.

He is the first cousin of Danjal, a good Demon featuring in book 2…

What name would you give the angel? What kind of character would you like him to be?

Sometimes Blogger likes to not work when you attempt to sign in, in which case leave an anonymous comment but remember to add your email… RJ X

Amber is also running a competition to win $25… go see… COMPETITION