The Case Of The Ghastly Ghost
Book 5 in The End Street Detective Agency, written with Amber Kell
Two people reminded me I never chose a winner for the Angel naming competition. I am so sorry. I blame the stress that was going on with Silver… 
Amber and I read through all your wonderful comments… So many things stood out. The most interesting thing was the theme of the bad boy, the idea of vengeance, and the recurrence of stunning eyes. We loved all that. You all frankly ROCK.
There are two winners in this competition. The voucher from the random drawing, and the prize of naming and creating a character in the book.
The first is the random draw winner for the $25 voucher and the winner of this is: CassieJo
The second is the winner of naming and describing a character in a book, along with a dedication at the beginning. The winner of this is: Kai.

Kai said: “I would name the angel Zeph, short for Zephariel, Angel of Vengeance. He seeks vengeance for those who have been wronged, he would be strong, magnificent, with raven black hair and deep emerald colored eyes that can see into the heart of man.”
We also loved the ideas about his eyes changing colour and I was particularly blown away at the image of singed wings suggested by Laurie.
Thank you so much for your wonderful comments, and again, I am sorry there has been this delay.