Welcome to my Christmas Blog post…

I am a huge fan of Christmas; not just the day itself, but of the season in general.

The season for me starts when we have the first leaves turn in Autumn in England and last's through to the crisp January mornings.

There are five things I love about Christmas…


From Autumn onwards ‘Christmas' is that goal we all try to work for. Be it making sure we have all our manuscripts written by Christmas, or buying the perfect gift, it is the 25th December that is a day to mark how hard you have worked to get there. 
Cottages & Old England

Have you ever seen the Christmas movie *The Holiday* with Jude Law and Cameron Diaz? Then, if you aren't a resident of the UK you probably imagine that Christmas is spent in cottages covered in snow with an open fire and whisky. Not so much unfortunately… BUT… it is an image I aspire to.

One day I will travel up to Scotland, find a remote cottage, wait for it to snow, and then sit in front of the open fire with my bottle of spirits. Of course, what the kids would do in the middle of nowhere for a week would be another matter.

So I guess I need to add wifi to the list of must haves in my perfect dream Christmas Day.


I love that moment when you open the front door and family is on the doorstep… (or, like this year, where my mum opens the door and we walk in to the scents of turkey cooking!). The sensory impression is of warmth and happiness and secrets. *loves*

Food & Candles

Where do I start… I may like food quite a bit… (a lot). We buy food for Christmas, so much food, all for one day. We have a real first world problem in having too much. I know we are lucky. There is nothing better than candle light in a room, especially when you are eating…


The minute we hit December 1st (and sometimes earlier much to hubby's distress) I start to play Christmas music. I have my favourites. My top two favourite songs are Band Aid (original) – Do They Know It's Christmas, and Greg Lake -I Believe In Father Christmas. Both passionate and well meaning songs with a message or two in them… Add in Wizzard and Paul McCartney and it's a party…

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