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Christmas stories from seven of your favorite authors which can be read and enjoyed in any order.

Christmas Prince – RJ Scott

Prince Raphael, the youngest son of the Montaunoit royal family, is the custodian of his country's history. At a Sotheby's auction, he outbids Marc on an item he doesn't even want. Just because he can.

Meeting the museum curator turns Raphael's world upside down, and when lust turns to love he knows he has to change.

Can Marc be the one to show Raphael that he doesn't have to stay the lonely prince forever, and that love is always an option?


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In 1750, a master woodcarver poured all his unrequited love, passion, and longing into his masterpiece—a gorgeous Christmas angel for his beloved’s tree. When the man he loved tossed the angel away without a second thought, a miracle happened. The angel was found by another who brought the woodcarver True Love.

Since then, the angel has been passed down, sold, lost and found, but its magic remains. Read the romances inspired by (and perhaps nudged along by) the Christmas Angel through the years. Whether it’s 1700's England (Eli Easton),  1880’s New York (Kim Fielding), the turn-of-the-century (Jordan L. Hawk), World War II (L.A. Witt), Vietnam-era (N.R. Walker), the 1990’s (Anyta Sunday), or 2018 (RJ Scott), the Christmas Angel has a way of landing on the trees of lonely men who need it’s blessing for a very Merry Christmas and forever HEA.


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Christmas Angel – Eli Easton

Summerfield’s Angel – Kim Fielding – Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Amazon DE | Amazon FR | KOBOBarnes & Noble | Smashwords

The Magician’s Angel – Jordan L Hawk

Christmas Homecoming – LA Witt – Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Amazon DE | Amazon FR

A Soldier’s Wish – NR Walker

Shrewd Angel – Anyta Sunday

Christmas Prince – RJ Scott