So, something happened this week.

If you are here as a reader you may want to skip this post, but if you are an author it may be worth checking your royalty statements very carefully.

For one reason or another, too complicated to go into, hubs was entering data from a publisher onto our accounts this week. The amounts on the reports didn't match what we received, and red flags immediately flew.

This is what happened with Silver and as soon as money becomes an issue I am hot on sorting the issue out.

So I counted up the money that we were missing, it came to around $44, which, lets face it, isn't a HUGE pile of money. But, given how I price my books, this equals 20 odd books that I haven't received money for.

I immediately contacted the publisher, and I am not here to point fingers at who it was, but their response was swift and considered – I respected them for that at least.

Apparently, the difference was because we were in the UK, and they are in *another* country and that we were being charged the cost of *sending us the money*. Apparently we, the authors, carry the costs of transferring money. The implication being that is the *cost of doing business with an overseas publisher*.

Uhm. No.

I signed a contract with the publisher to receive 50% of income. My understanding is that they were to keep 50% of money I made to cover art, editing, etc, with the rest being *their profit*.

Suddenly, with the fees, this is becoming 48%. WTF. That is MY money that is being lost.

The publisher agreed to refund the fees, but is adamant that *this is the way it is done*. I disagreed and they took my comments on board but I am not sure it would change anything in the way they work. As I said to them, nowhere in the contract does it state anything about fees for conversion from their currency to UK pounds, or about any fees actually. I expect the 50% of the money you make from me, not 50% less fees.

I pointed out that I wasn't trying to be difficult, but that they were the only publisher I have ever worked with that did this.

I believe it's an apalling practice to take fees out of money I earned. Also, as a publisher (Love Lane Books), with several overseas authors, we wouldn't dream of them having to take a cut into their earnings for fees.

Their argument that I *chose* to work with an overseas publisher is one that does not fly with me. This is an international business, not an insular country one. Needless to say, not only am I apalled, but I am not writing for the publisher again.

Has this happened to you?