I found a picture on Pinterest of a German castle in the snow. That mixes two of my favorite things; castles and snow/winter.

Castles fascinate me. Not so much the ones that are still whole with rooms and furnishings, although I love them.

I prefer the ruined castles because I love standing in the middle of the ruins and imagining the lives that were lived there. We have so many castles in the UK – a lot of them in ruins after the Civil War, and you could probably visit one a day and still not see them all!

My next book (after the Christmas ones!) will be Ghost In The Stone, based in the ruins of an old Norman castle it features a psychic, a cop, and a mystery that threatens an entire town… I can’t wait to get to write it, and it will be with you early in the new year.

You can see more photos of castles in winter on my Pinterest board https://www.pinterest.co.uk/rjscottauthor/castles-in-winter/