Hi! I'm Melanie Marshall and my blog is ScatteredThoughtsandRogueWords. I like to think i'm the perfect example of you are never too old for something new. To try something new, to go in a direction you never anticipated, to learn about anything you can think of….exploration and new paths are ageless!

I've had many careers to date in my life. I was one of two women in high level positions in the steel industry during the 80's. I managed a steel warehouse and galvanizing plant for the US division of an international engineering and construction firm.

Loved the firm, hated the environmental impact. Ten years and another degree later and I was employed as a Park Ranger/Park Naturalist. That lasted for another 26, almost 30 years if you had in seasonal experience. And all the while, I was also a mother, knitter, animal lovers and of course, reader. I've traveled the world, in real life and through books for my entire life!

It was Kirk/Spock and Solo/Kuryakin of TMFU series that brought M/M romance and fiction into my life where is has stayed a constant love. First fanfiction, which I also wrote, and then onto LGBTQ fiction, romance and other genres as well. And trust me I read them all. Horror, shapeshifters of every type including sloths (thank you, Charlie Cochrane), lovers of every species, variety, and sexual kink. And I am always amazed that I find that authors everywhere manage to deliver something fresh and exciting to genres and story lines already overly familiar.

That's what started me off as a reviewer. I wanted to share those stories that I loved and my thoughts on ones not so dear to the heart. From there I wanted to interview authors, talk to other readers…get involved! And that's what being a blogger has done for me. It's opened worlds, introduced me to new people, books, and ideas. I continue to learn, ask questions, and get excited about reading all over again with each new book i read. And that goes for their covers and cover artists too!

What do I bring to my reviews? Years of experience, knowledge and a different perspective perhaps. A love of reading and writing, certainly. And the urge to share that enjoyment with others.

I have included my logo. That's Kirby, one of my terriers and my Soft coated Wheaton rescue on the picture. I am sure he is thinking of the Clifford books with that gaze. Or maybe just the chicken cooking in the kitchen.

RJ asked for some of my favorite reviews but I couldn't choose. Each new one I write might be the favorite to come. I hope that they all come across as fair, well reasoned and open minded. That's my goal at any rate.

Come visit ScatteredThoughtsandRogueWords. Check out my thoughts on writing, my author interviews, and reviews. Usually there is a contest or two happening as well.

I am offering up a $25 Amazon gift card to one lucky person who visits my blog and leaves a comment during RJ's blogger event. Open worldwide (I am sure I can figure out how to get a Amazon UK card to you all overseas). Contest runs until September 19th as here in the States August is the time when the government is out of session and everyone is on vacation!

Do I love what I do? Yes indeed! Does it matter what age you are? Never. Visit ScatteredThoughtsandRogueWords. Check it and the books and authors I love out! And leave me a note! I love hearing from people.

Thank you, RJ, for this wonderful event and chance to participate!
Melanie, ScatteredThoughtsandRogueWords

After thought (see? scattered): I do have two articles for you to check out. My Vocabulary Gone Bad posts. Definitely not safe for work.

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