Hi! My name is Danielle, mostly known as Dani, and I am here to talk to you a bit about Love Bytes (review blog).

First of all thank you to Miss R.J. Scott for giving us bloggers this opportunity to talk about our blogs, our passion J

Love Bytes started out as the Blog of Sid Love in April of 2013 under the guidance of my friend Sid Love. When I joined this blog as a reviewer I didn’t expect to be running and owning this blog one day! When things got too busy for Sid to handle, I became part owner of the blog in January 2014 and took over the blog in april 2014 when the name also changed to the current name “Love Bytes “ ( reviews).

So who and what is Love Bytes? I hope that's what you all want to know J Well first of all LB is a fantastic team of reviewers! Currently consisting of Elizabetta, Taylor, Carissa, Cindy , Roberta, Donna, Vicki, Colette, Irene (though on a hiatus at the moment), new reviewer Petra and guest reviewers Paul and Marieke. Without them there wouldn’t be a Love Bytes!

What is LB and what do you find with us?
Well as it says on our banner we are a same sex review blog, meaning we review any book that has a coupling of the same gender in it. Our main focus is on m/m but we are hoping to add some (more) f/f to the mix in the future.
We review every sort of book: contemporary to bdsm, historical to scifi, fantasy to a menage (on occasion). Name it and one of us has stepped into the genre you are talking about.

Besides having a average of two reviews a day, we also post at least one event post a day consisting of either a guestpost, an interview, or a promo/spotlight post — often accompanied with a giveaway.

What more is there to say? We have a pretty open and easy policy. I think we are open to a lot J

You can reach me anytime for a request for a review on reviews@lovebytesreviews.com, or for a request for any guestpost/ interview/giveaway etc on owner@lovebytesreviews.com.

Besides the reviews and events we also host an authors page spotlight on our blog. Sid started this being the first blog to ask authors if they wanted to do a monthly featured blogpost. Up until this day we still have authors doing a monthly post on a regular basis. (Authors: If you are interested in filling one of the open dates in the month , drop me a mail).

For a blog that started a little more than one and a half years ago and changing layout and name (and owner) just 4 months ago, I am proud, happy, and honored for our loyal base of readers and supporters who visit our blog so regularly.

With the changes happening quite fast and me being not a computer expert, I still feel myself needing to learn some of the different aspects of owning a blog, like working with WordPress for example.
Thanks to the help of others (also other bloggers, I would like to mention that!) I have gotten better and am still eagerly learning. I do want to take this opportunity to thank my friends for having my back especially at the moments that I thought I would get buried under everything that came my way.

All those people, along with my awesome reviewer team, are the reason Love Bytes is up and runs the way it does.
I am not going to name all the friends I am talking about (they know) but I am going to name one because without him, Love Bytes wouldn’t have a banner or images, for example, on top of the fact what he does for me behind the screens. Ash, thank you!

At Love Bytes we also have the opportunity for authors to run advertisements on our blog. You can find them on our page in the left column.

For me the joys of owning this blog are the communications with readers, reviewers, authors, publishers and bloggers, the ability to help in making books known, sharing the pleasures in reading and the joys you can find in a good book, a good review, or a nice post.

So what is a blog post without a giveaway right?

Below you will find a rafflecopter giveaway for a 10 dollar gift card.

To enter there are a few options, I added one specific one to the mix: A question for you to answer.
“What is it that you would like to see or see more of on Love Bytes same sex review blog?“ 

Good Luck,

 Dani J

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