The latest in the Marvel universe and I couldn't have been more excited to go see it. I wasnt even put off by the fact I really disliked Iron Man 3 (I really need to watch it again and see if it was as off as I first thought).

Overall, I loved Avengers Assemble.

It was a hotchpotch of story, a bit random, some of it at the beginning a little hard to follow, but maybe I was over analysing it (as apparently I do). Add in some confusing *mind altered* scenes, and a random Thor scene to build up to the next Thor film (I assume) and it took me a while to settle in to the film. Once I was there though, it was a ride, and I loved the story building. Just a few hours of pure escapism.

Unexpected was the really clever and perfect building of Bruce Banner's role (Hulk). Loved. And the home life of Hawkeye.

The action scenes were full on… and yet another City (cities) destroyed… rofl…

And so much eye candy – thought RDJ was exceptionally gorgeous in this film *is shallow*.