I run a group on Facebook for RJ Scott fans who want to chat and post and ask questions. I post excerpts, teasers, cover art, polls on what to write next… you name it and I post it. 🙂

I ran a quiz this year just for these friends and fans asking four pretty tricky questions based around four of my books – you'd have to have all of these books to know the answers 🙂
And the winners are:

  1. Tyra Berger 
  2. Paula Hadgraft 
  3. Laurie Peterson 
  4. HelĂ©n Jacobsen 
  5. Juli-Anna Dobson 
  6. Lee Ann 
  7. Laurel L 
  8. Stacia 
  9. Danny 
  10. Katherine Cutter 
  11. Crissy MOrris 
  12. Tracy George 
And the twelve prizes are:
  1. Signed Print Flat of Building the Pack (signed by myself, Amber Kell and Stephanie Hecht)
  2. A Harrods Box (in Harrods Teddy, Harrods keyring and Harrods coin purse
  3. Signed Print Flat of The Fireman and the Cop
  4. Desk Calendar with cover art from RJ Scott
  5. Signed paperback of the Christmas Throwaway
  6. Signed paperback of New York Christmas
  7. Signed Print Flat of The Heart Of Texas
  8. The Christmas Throwaway Audio
  9. The Christmas Throwaway Audio
  10. The Christmas Throwaway Audio
  11. Wall Calendar with cover art
  12. Wall Calendar with cover art
I will be emailing each winner in order so that they can choose from the list of booty!
Congratulations to everyone