Utterly beautiful… 

Never more so has a cover matched a book… The cover is all quiet beauty and the book matches. Told in first person we live for some time in the head of Erik Hash and see from his perspective the terrible loss he endured and how he deals with it. A hate crime, a murder, fire and his lover leaving it's a wonder he manages to pull himself out of it.

I didn't realise what year the book was set in, and although contemporary, the ending of it is wrapped in an event that I remember clearly from a few years ago.

I have a love hate relationship with first person writing only because in general I want to see inside the head of the other character BUT I truly believe this would have been less of a book to take one single second away from what is happening in Erik's head.

This isn't a book that rolls from one angsty moment to a next, it's more of a solid thoughtful journey and cleverly written. I felt the emotions alongside Erik.

Beautifully done and recommended if you like books that play on your emotions and wont let you go.

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