Love is Series

Book 1 – Love is in the title
Book 2 – Love is in the hallways
Book 3 – Love is in the message

The Book

Luke is still on cloud nine after what happened in the park with Cameron. He has a boyfriend and is in shock. At the same time he is completely and utterly head over heels in love.

Cameron wants to announce the two of them as a couple at school. He is adamant that together Luke and Cam can make changes in the way being gay is perceived at school.

Luke knows just what real life can be like. His heart wants to believe that Cameron is right but his head tells him differently.

When everyone starts to accuse Luke of changing Cameron he wonders if he can ever be happy in a relationship. Not just at school.

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Top to Bottom reviews5/5 – “….R.J. Scott sets the perfect tone in this series, that delicate balance between elation and sorrow, hope and despair, which makes it, in my most humble opinion, a must read for fans of Young Adult fiction. This is a story of the power of friendship, of the strength that can be found in those who stand by you through the good and the bad, giving you the courage to live and love out loud….”

J.J. Lavesque – “….The author has done a brilliant job at capturing the emotions of two boys who want to be themselves, but are also afraid of the repercussions. To really understand this story, you need to read the first, because it takes place just before this one. This was a short read, but well worth it….”

Elisa – My Reviews & Ramblings – “….Considering I liked a lot the previous one, Love Is in the Title, there is no wonder I liked also this one; again, despite this being a short story, the feeling was of something bigger, of a whole novel concentrated in little more than 40 pages….”