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School and Rock



Cover Reveal: September 12 2020
Pre-Order: October 27 2020
Release Date: November 10 2020

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Cupcakes and Christmas

Cupcakes and Christmas


Cover Reveal: August 1 2020
Pre-Order: November 5 2020
Release Date: November 17 2020

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  1. RJ Scott

    Hi Jilrene… Thank you I am so pleased you enjoyed… Maybe it will form chapter one in a new book… am not sure yet… HUGS XXXXX

  2. RJ Scott

    Hi! Jake is the center of my Christmas book alongside a very surprising character! That will be book 6 in the series…

    Thank you so much for letting me know… HUGS RJ XXXX

  3. Josie

    I keep my eye on this page, just to see what's coming up. I love that you write such amazing stories and so many of them, thank you.

    1. RJ Scott

      Thank YOU Josie for your support… hugs you hard…

      *amends page for current stuff… watch this space…*

  4. RJ Scott

    Thank you so much for letting me know… I am writing Texas3 at the moment and loving revisiting Jack and Riley! My new book A Better Man written with Jaime Reese is a 60,000 word book… you may like that one… HUGS XXXXXX

  5. Anonymous

    look RJ I've been knitting this scarf for weeks waiting for FULL CIRCLE but have run out of wool as the novel is not on ebooks/kindle yet, have I to get more wool?

    1. RJ Scott

      ROFL… you can get the kindle version direct from silver… but it should be on amazon soon… HUGS X

  6. Solaria Saturn

    Already purchased. Gotta tell ya I'm the one who reads Epic fantasy Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind (great in the DBSM department), Raymond Fiest, and new comer Brandon Sanderson. So I absolutely love a third installment of Jack and Riley. Thanks a bunch.

  7. Anonymous

    Can you give us an update on How much for the night and My Brother's keeper? Please?

    1. RJ Scott

      Hi non! How much for the whole night may well form chap 1 of a new book but it will be in 2013 now… My Brother's Keeper is still an idea I am working out but it may well form another Sanctuary story… Hugs Rj x

  8. Anonymous

    sad as i am to hear i have to wait longer….i will wait. loved a lot of your books. wish next year would mean longer stories from you.

    1. RJ Scott

      You never know… I may slow down on books and make them longer… my next book, written with Jaime Reese, is 60,000 words…


  9. Anonymous

    I am so excited for the next installment in the Heart of Texas series! Just wondering if this book like the previous two will also be available in paperback?

    1. RJ Scott

      Definitely… I am not sure when it will be available… watch this website for any announcements…


  10. Anonymous

    Manny's story I enjoyed a lot. Too bad it was short. But I really am looking forward to Jake's story. I think it has the makings of a really poignant and dramatic story when he and Sean get together. I hope it is Sean but if it wasn't, can you give Sean his own story please? I didn't really warm up too much to Nik and Morgan but really as the Sanctuary stories keep coming, they do get better and better. Am glad you took the time out to write their world, RJ. Has been a blast reading them. –Jake, CA

    1. RJ Scott

      My November story is Jake and Sean's story… so I hope that you like that… xxxx

  11. Solaria Saturn

    TEXAS HEAT OMG August 18th Can't wait pre-order available on my way to Silver Publishing.

    1. RJ Scott

      Hi Solaria… so hope you enjoy… hugs xxxx

  12. Sharon S

    Hi RJ,

    So excited for all the wonderful stories you have coming out (and already have out) this year! You must be exhausted. 🙂

    Love & Hugs,

  13. Anonymous

    Dear RJ,

    I cant wait of Sanctuary 6 – untitled Jake's story – November 2012.
    Im so excited, god why isn´t it november jet.
    Summer is fine but fall is getting better and better for me.
    I love your books, but "Texas Heart" I haven´t read jet.
    I dont now why, tell me somthing about the books, to get me, to read this books.
    There is room for more books in my kindle.

    Thank you for your creativity and fantasy you share with us.

    With best regards from Germany
    Love and Hugs

    1. RJ Scott

      wow… i didn't see this comment! Thank you so much.. I am starting S6 in the next few weeks…


  14. Jase G.

    So many fantastic stories to look forward to. And a few that I'm dying for. Like the next in the "Sanctuary" series. I'm loving it. Just finished "A Better Man" and NEED the next one soon. It was sooo good. I know this isn't the place to address this, but for some reason I can't make any comments on the home page. It says that the comment system used, "disqus", won't let me because of my browser. But I have the browser they recommend. I've tried on two computers and my tablet and none of them will let me. Any ideas as to why? Anyways, I've said this before and I still find it true. You write some of the best books out there. I know that if you wrote it, I will like it. Take care!
    Jase G.

    1. RJ Scott

      Hey Jase! I will look into that, you are not the first to say there are issues with Disqus…

      I am so pleased you enjoyed A Better Man, and we are over halfway writing the sequel now… Sanctuary is next on my list… Thank you so much for your kinds words… {{{HUGS}}} rj XXXX

  15. Jennifer

    When is Texas Heat going to be released? It originally said August 20th but I am still finding it in the pre-order stage? Thanks so much. Can't wait to get reading.

    1. RJ Scott

      Texas Heat is live at Silver (and you can get your kindle and nook files there) https://spsilverpublishing.com/product_book_info/products_id/1182/?zenid=5859fa7a83662615fabfcd6c19ba653c… it isn't on Amazon yet that I can see… RJ XXXX

  16. Anonymous

    I just finished Texas Heat and I enjoyed it very much. I hope you plan on writing more
    stories about the Campbell-Hayes families. Read all of them and enjoyed the reading
    time I have.

    Best Wish and Good Writing


    1. RJ Scott

      Hi Deb… I only just saw this post… sorry… Texas 4 will be coming in 2013 *Texas Family* is the title and will probably be coming to you from Total E-Bound…

      RJ X

  17. Anonymous

    Any updates on My brother's keeper and How much for the night???

    1. RJ Scott

      My Brother's keeper… which one was that (I remember the title, i just don't remember what the story was attached to it)… 🙁

      How much for the whole night is definitely penciled in for a full book in 2013… I have added it to my list… looking to be with you on 6 July 2013… x

  18. Kimberley

    Just finished rereading the Shadow of the Wolf series again… still makes me get teary eyed. Any chance there is going to be more in this series? Maybe Mark and Corbin???

    1. RJ Scott

      Maybe we could do a short story somewhere along the line about them… *Loves* Mark and Corbin… x

  19. Katy Beth McKee

    I didn't see any more Halfway House on the WIP list. Is this one off the table now? I really loved the first book and was hoping to see more.

    1. RJ Scott

      Hi Katy Beth… Jaime will be solo writing book 2 and there is news all about this on her post on her site… you can find it here… http://jaimereese.com/2013/01/2013-a-new-year/

    2. Katy Beth McKee

      Thanks for sharing the updated information.

  20. Rachel

    I know for a while you had a story with Diane Adams called Hillbilly Hollywood…is that still in the works or has that been scrapped? Thanks!

    1. RJ Scott

      Diane sent me chapter 1… and I haven't started Chapter 2 yet… 🙁

      It will definitely be sometime this year…

      *HUGS* X

  21. Solaria Saturn

    I cannot believe you are going to make me wait till July for How Much for the Whole Night that's just wrong on so many of my escape levels. But I am happy to see it in the WIP section. Can't wait to get better acquainted with some new friends. July Huh? Happy writing.

    1. RJ Scott

      He he… Sorry I can't fit it in sooner… Hugs Rj x

  22. Solaria Saturn

    Where's Baby Jack? Didn't see in WIP. Don't tell me you have abandoned Jack and Riley. *oh sob 🙁 wail* no say it isn't so.

    1. RJ Scott

      All the time Silver refuse to release Texas 2 and Texas 3 I can't write Texas 4… 🙁

      The way they are paying me, or not paying me (ROFL), leads me to believe I will get everything back before mid May… watch this space…

  23. Anonymous

    IDW wait till June for the next bodyguards book !! Just read the first and loved it ! Oh well good things come to those who wait.

    1. RJ Scott

      I'm sorry… 🙁

      The next one will either be Bodyguard To A Porn Star… or Bodyguard To A Prince… I haven't decided yet…

      Hugs and thank you for your kind words about BG1… HUGS XXXXX

  24. Anonymous

    Is Texas 4 in the works??? possibly coming soon?? I love Jack and Riley. I'd also love to see where Robbie and Eli end up. Please let it be soon.

    1. RJ Scott

      Texas 4 is on hold until I get T3 and T2 back from Silver. Unfortunately they are twisted up in a contract thing… 🙁

  25. snuggle3647

    Love ur books..just wondering if you are going to continue the Texas Series…So much is still left untold, such as the new baby for Jack & Riley, Eden and Sean, and also Robbie and Eli….I hope that you will be continuing this series like you have been with Santurary, I love those books too….keep up the good work….

    1. RJ Scott

      I would LOVE to carry it on… until Silver release Texas 2 and 3 I can't write it… 🙁

      Hopefully soon…

      Thank you so much… HUGS XXXXXX

  26. Anonymous

    So, who's story is "Worlds Collide"?

    1. RJ Scott

      Joseph and Dale… but a mix with all the other characters as well… xxxxx

  27. Anonymous

    Just read End Street book1 & loved it. Funny and fast moving it left me wanting more, which of course was the idea!

    Thank you and roll on volume 2.


    1. RJ Scott

      Hi Drew… thank you so much for letting us know! Book 2 is done and in edits… can't wait for you to read it … 🙂 Hugs RJ X

  28. Anonymous

    Hi RJ! Just read The Teacher and the Soldier! Loved it! The Ellery Mountain series is great. Can't wait for Sanctuary 7 (my faves of yours)!
    Thanks again and now I am going to read Moments!

    1. RJ Scott

      Thank you so much for commenting… :)))

  29. Familia Tomicic Riedel

    Hi RJ,
    Only 3 books from this series End Street Detective Agency?

    1. RJ Scott

      We have plans for 5 so far… 🙂

  30. Anonymous

    Hi RJ,

    I started reading your books with Sanctuary series, excited for Worlds Collide. Will there be more books with Joseph team as main characters? Just finished the second End Street Detective Agency love them and the characters (fingers crossed Sam and Bob keep Mal) waiting impatiently for more.

    Love Desiree

    1. RJ Scott

      There may well be more SEAL team books… will be interesting to see how they go… also Santuary 7 is now end June, and Sanctuary 8 is on my list to be added soon… 🙂

    2. Anonymous



  31. Jase G.

    Am I seeing this right? More "Sanctuary" books? YYYEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! Time for the "Happy Dance"!

    1. RJ Scott

      Sanctuary 7 is out end June… Dale/Joseph, a hostage situation, SEALs, snow… ROFL…

      And then i may branch out and follow a couple of Joseph's friends… nods.. it's an idea I am playing with… 🙂

  32. Solaria Saturn

    Hey Rj:

    Is Moments changed in the new release. I'm sure you mentioned it somewhere but I'm not sure what you said. Should I buy it again or is just the cover changed?


    1. RJ Scott

      GAH! I didn't see this… Moments isn't changed at all, just some much needed editing… Its just the new cover… 🙂

      HUGS X

  33. Candice

    Just popped in here to say I've read 5 of the Sanctuary books in 2 days. I am completely and totally in love with this series. I'll read 6 tomorrow (or later today since it's 3:45am) and I am glad I won't have long to wait for 7. I am happy to hear an 8 might be in the works as well??? NICE! This is first I've anything by you and I am happy to say it definitely will not be my last. You've created a fan of your work. Thanks for writing 🙂

    1. RJ Scott

      blimey… you must be all Sanctuary'd out… rofl… Your comments made me smile and it was lovely to see them… {{{HUGS}}}

      7 will be out VERY soon… and yes, an 8 is in the pipework… 🙂

      Thank you SO MUCH for commenting ,,, RJ XXXX

  34. Lisa

    OMG — So excited to see a sequel to Deefur Dog — one of my all time favourites

  35. Kendra Patterson

    What does the TEB 1, 2, & 3 mean next to the book titles?

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