I read this really interesting article from Writer Unboxed entitled the ten myths about writing (ten myths about writing). In it the writer covers all the cool stuff about being a writer and then also points out where being a writer isnt always what it is cracked up to be.

It got me thinking…

What are the things that I never knew but which I know now. What would I tell my 2010 self about being an MM writer?

  1. Doesn't matter if you get 1s in reviews, a four will come along any minute to balance it out. Statistically we, as writers should be getting on average 3s, and anything 3 and above is good. So RJ, a 3 or a 4 is a GOOD THING, okay? And a 5 is freaking awesome. One day, around 2012, you will accept this and stop angsting.
  2. RJ, not everyone will like your 60,000 word emotional gut wrenching paranormal angst with flashbacks to ancient Greece. On the other hand most people will like your story about a throwaway at Christmas, so CHILL with the fact your first book, Oracle, isn't selling well.
  3. Saying you like someone's writing when you don't just in the hope they don't take away an offered contract is a big NO, Rj. Be honest from day one.
  4. Don't respond to that one star review on Goodreads. Because the guy who wrote it is fishing for a fight, and boy will he enjoy that fight.
  5. Actually, don't join Goodreads in the first place, because that shit will make you cry.
  6. Sit the f**k down and write. Stop tearing out your hair about being crap and have some belief in yourself you idiot. And just write.
  7. Invest in a better desk and chair so you don't mess your back up.
  8. Never be afraid to ask where your money is.
  9. No, you don't need to write *normal stuff* you DO write normal stuff, ignore the idiots who say otherwise.
  10. Listen to your gut. PLEASE, listen to your gut.