The fabulous Eli Easton is our final guest this year. She's giving away 3 prizes of an ebook from her 3 Christmas stories – Blame it on the Mistletoe, Unwrapping Hank, and Midwinter Night’s Dream. The winner will be picked on 27th December at 6pm, GMT.

Question 1: What is your favourite Christmas movie?  

“Elf” with Will Farrell

Question 2: What is your best Christmas memory? 

My husband and I were married on Christmas Eve. We had both families together at my sister’s house and got married in a church there. So that was pretty special.

Question 3: What is the best present you’ve received?

My husband (then boyfriend) gave me plan tickets to New Orleans one year when I was working on a story set there. I’d never been!

Question 4: What is the best present you’ve given?

Hmm. I think that would fall in the PWP category.  

Question 5:  Santa Claus – real or fake?

Question 6:  What is your favourite Christmas book?

A Christmas Carol by Dickens
Question 7: Do you like eggnog?

Yes, but I’m vegan now so I don’t drink it anymore.
Question 8: What do you eat at Christmas?

In years past, roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, potatoes, peas. But I need to find a new tradition now that we’re off meat. I made a really nice wild rice with dried fruit and nuts and date-syrup sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving, so I may try that again.
Question 9: Be honest, when do you put up the Christmas tree?

It really depends on the year. This year it went up before Thanksgiving because we were having family here for the holiday. Usually it’s just a few weeks before Christmas.
Question 10.  When do you open your presents?

Christmas day.
Question 11. Do you have snow at Christmas?

I live on a farm in Pennsylvania, so usually there is snow, but not this year!
Question 12: What is the best – all-time – Christmas song. Ever!

O Holy Night singer by an operatic tenor