I am an acknowledged geek. I have had my obsessions over the years, starting way back with Battle Of The Planets, then various other shows until my next big obsession, the original Battlestar Galactica, then following through until I discovered Supernatural, and with it, fan fiction.

I met a lot of my writing friends in writing fan fiction (Meredith Russell, Chris Quinton, Sue Brown…). We all shared an obsession with the show. I finally gave into my inner geek and went to a Supernatural convention in Birmingham, England.

Well, unless you’ve been to one of these things you can never have seen up close the intensity with which people try and get close to the stars. I admit my first year, buoyed by alcohol and embarrassment and being flustered and jumping the queue, I told Jared Padalecki I loved him. Yep. *shame*

What I meant was that I loved how he acted Sam. I was a BIG Sam fan. It was the year of the Bird Flu and we weren’t allowed to touch the actors, I scared Jared, he nearly fell off his stool. Then, I added, as I turned to Jensen, *I kinda like you too*. Yep. Really screwed up. ROFL. Security were *interested*, but I apologized and went to hide with Meredith.

I’ve heard stories of girls turning up in wedding dresses for Jensen, girls jumping the actors, and the convention was the year of the bodyguard. Strong silent (and not awfully pretty compared to the ones I write!) they stood and hovered and made sure none of us jumped the stars.

My first bodyguard book was a tip of the hat to this experience. I know how conventions work, I’ve been to three Supernatural ones. So I could flesh out the story with all the weird experiences you can only get in a fan-fuelled adulation that was *the Con*.

Only ever intended as a stand alone I enjoyed writing it so much that I realized I wanted to write more and OMG I have so many stories. Of course, being set in the UK there isn’t a big call for guns, but I decided this series wasn’t going to be the formulaic stalking storyline. I wanted to focus on the bodyguards and give the one they guarded good stories. Hence the abuse storyline in book 2, the Prince in 3, and so on.

I am just about to start writing book 6 and I probably have enough stories in my head for ten!

Bodyguard Inc. Series

Book 1 – Bodyguard to a Sex God
Book 2 – The Ex Factor
Book 3 – Max and the Prince
Book 4 – Undercover Lovers
Book 5 – Love's Design
Book 6 – Kissing Alex (WIP – April release)