So, I often get asked, if this story was made into a film etc, who would I choose to play the parts?

And that is such a difficult question to answer. After all, my characters are in my head, and your head, and unlikely they will match! I like to leave enough clues in my writing to show you what I thought, but also enough leeway for you to imagine that person in your thoughts.


Hubby and I like to sit for a couple hours and veg completely over a romance film or two. We've seen some really bad ones, and some that are the cream which floats to the top. All of them are trope filled, and I can sit and tell you how the story will evolve for all of them as I watch them, because I love the tropes so much.

Post ‘Snow and Secrets' which incidentally, is now with the editor, I needed some of that down  time and we had recorded a film about an injured fireman renting a ground floor room from a 911 operator. The operator has been abandoned by the husband, and has two very nice kids. It was a lovely film ( and quite emotional in places. I loved it.


I also watched the main actor, and oh my god, he was Jack (if Jack was a fireman and not a cowboy). You may not agree with me, but as I watched I thought, yep, this man could play Jack. Apparently he's an ex soap actor, and he's kind of good in this film. It's weird actually, because when I wrote Texas I very much had Jensen Ackles in my head as Jack, and it turns out that this new actor I found  was in the same soap as Jensen had been in, and I think maybe the same character (Or something, I didn't research too far!).

Anyway, I give you…  Greg Vaughan