Ten years and counting!

My actual publiversary was in April – but that is autism month, and nothing gets in the way of autism month! So here I am, celebrating it in May!

It's been a wild ten years for the MM community … publishers have come and gone, Kindle Unlimited changed the face of publishing completely, we've had plagiarism, catfishing drama, authors leaving the genre, new authors arriving. We've had love, and hugs, and events like UK Meet and GRL, signings, best selling flash-like books, and books that have sold steadily. We've all seen so much, but through all these changes, including the current COVID crisis, we've managed to pull through, and those of us that are standing at this point–we get to do what we love best–write.

Thank you

I can't name-check everyone that I want to thank – I would miss people out because my memory is for shit, but there have been a few standout people who made my career possible and have enhanced and improved it over the last ten years. Chris Quinton for saying I should try publishing my first novel (yep, it's all her fault!), Meredith for coming with me from fan fiction days and being not only a friend but also my amazing cover artist. Lisa from TNA for that first really special review. Sue Laybourn for polishing my words, Rachel Maybury for sorting me out, and Vicki who gave me back my love of writing after a particularly bad mental health year. Sandrine GD for just being her, Jordan CP for talking self-publishing, Amber for End Street and Ellery, Carol Lynne for talking to me on the balcony of the big house in Tennessee, Clare London, and Charlie Cochrane, just for being Clare and Charlie, Elin Gregory for her wise counsel, Benedicte, and Claudia for their support with my translations.

Thank you to reviewers, I remember my first review on Oracle from The Novel Approach, it was like all my Christmases had come at once, and Lisa and I have traveled these ten years together. Reviewers on blog sites do an awesome job (we <3 you), but also any reader who has left a review on an MM book anywhere, Amazon, Goodreads, Book Bub… your own sites, or Facebook pages, or twitter… we <3 you too.

The biggest thank you to the readers who buy my books, review me, join my groups, and make me write *the next book in the serious*. If we didn't have readers, then we wouldn't be able to write 🙂

And always, ALWAYS, for my wonderful family.


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