My latest book The Summer House, is doing well over on All Romance and Amazon, thank you to everyone who has bought it!

I loved writing it and I already have the story for the next on the same theme of English Hearts – titled Sixways Lane.

Out this Friday is Retrograde – the first in a set of linked by theme books from myself, Sara York, Clare London, Meredith Russell, Serena Yates and Amber Kell.

Released, one a week, the first one is mine on 12 June, and we end on 17 July with Amber. The stories are based around a plane crash, and how people's lives are changed because of it. The co-pilot, the observer, the guy who misses the plane, the engineer, the person afraid to fly… I hope you enjoy

What's coming up from RJ

My current WIP is Undercover Lovers from the Bodyguards Inc series (book 4) and will be with you end July.

Next up is Accidental Hero which is Sanctuary *season 2*. This starts a new story arc in the Sanctuary Universe and is Sanctuary book 8 and the book will be with you end August.

Then, we have the furst in the Billionaires Club series which will be out end September – a trilogy of novellas based around three men who are too rich and too sexy for their own good and the men who show them what love can really be like.

After that? Well I have Bodyguards Inc book 5, and of course Montana books 2 and 3, Sixways Lane (another English Hearts novel).

What's coming up from RJ and co-authors

August 14th is the date for the final book in the Sapphire Cay series – Forever In The Sun, a wedding, a storm and a love that reaches from the past.

The new series with Sue Brown begins in October – Kings Heart Hospital is the place for sexy romance, love and intrigue and the first book will be out early October – in time for GRL!

And, my MF book is a WIP with Amber, and we've had big discussions about the direction it is taking… so if you read MF as well as MM, watch this space.

Not to mention Amber and I have End Street book 5 out November 🙂 more news to follow…