The Vampire Contract 4.5/5: RJ Scott has created an exceptionally humorous saga. I particularly enjoyed the argumentative interaction between Connor and Micah. However, the passionate attraction between them is clearly illustrated.

Broken Memories (written with Diane Adams) 4/5: Doug McKenna is a true Alpha wolf and has little respect for those he considers weak. He doesn’t understand how Sam could have experienced something so terrible he would be as broken as he is. But he also realizes Sam is in desperate need of someone to take care of him and believes he’s the one perfect for the job…and his wolf agrees.

Guarding Morgan 4/5: Guarding Morgan is the first release in R.J. Scott’s new series, A Sanctuary Story. Having a character go into a witness protection situation isn’t a new premise but in this case, Ms. Scott twisted it around and started with action and Morgan running for his life.

Oracle 4/5: It’s a balancing act between romance and suspense {…}There’s even a little romance between two of the secondary characters that fits in nicely with the story. So, the crux is that I enjoyed this intriguing action filled book and think you likely will too.

Shattered Secrets (written with Diane Adams) 4/5: Shattered Secrets is the first book in the new series In The Shadow Of The Wolf by Diane Adams and R.J. Scott and it’s a promising look into their shifter world.

Back Home 4/5: Back Home is another intense emotional story by author R.J. Scott that’s filled with drama, pain and what it means to be part of a family.

The Heart of Texas – A Golden Blush Recommended Read: The Heart of Texas is the first book by R.J. Scott that I’ve had the pleasure of reading and after experiencing the quality of the writing and the depth of the storytelling, it won’t be my last. Honestly, I don’t gush about a book very often but I really liked this one. It grabbed me on the first page and didn’t let go until the very end.