2017 saw me wrapping up the Heroes series – it had taken me three years to get there after the 2014 breakdown!!

This year was also the start of a brand new series with VL Locey – The Harrisburg Railers series, which impacted us both tremendously. More on that in a separate post tomorrow!

Books included: Journal du Sanctuaire Un, Ghost, Für einen regnerischen Nachmittag, Le Chant de la Pluie, The Case of the Guilty Ghost, The Heart, By The Numbers, Deefur and the Mistletoe Incident, Changing Lines, L'ora decisiva, Gabriel, Montana 1 – Eine Ranch in Montana (Crooked Tree Ranch), Un douloureux retour, First Season, Love and Hope, Snow and Secrets, Per i pomeriggi di pioggia, Deacon's Law, Dragons Hockey 1 – Il codice (The Code), Texas Gift, Rétrograde, Deep Edge, Le Coeur du Texas, Un Hiver au Texas, Love Happens Anyway, Natale a New-York, Noël à New-York, Ángel en una librería, Weihnachten in New York, Geheimnisse zu Weihnachten, Christmas Wishes (Free Story for Advent Calendar)

I added Love Happens Anyway to the Christmas catalog, a couple more MF books, and Amber and I wrapped up End Street with Guilty Ghost (book 6). There were more Italian, French, and German books, and I wrapped up the Sanctuary series with books 9 and 10.


Meeting VL Locey and being her co-author for hockey romance has created a huge volume of hockey stories, right now we are about to start writing book 17 between us – it's been wild!  Have you read our hockey romance – if so, who is your favorite character, if not, then why not ask for it below if you win! Comment below for a chance to win.

Prize: An e-book from this featured year, or your choice from my backlist

Releases in 2017
Ángel en una librería
Geheimnisse zu Weihnachten
Weihnachten in New York
Für einen regnerischen Nachmittag
Un Douloureux Retour
Le chant de la pluie
Noël à New York
The Heart
End Street Volume 3
Deacon’s Law
Journal Du Sanctuaire Un
Eine Ranch in Montana
Changing Lines
First Season
Deep Edge

By The Numbers

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By The Numbers


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L’ora decisiva
Love Happens Anyway
Love & Hope
Texas Gift
Le Coeur du Texas
Un Hiver au Texas


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Il Codice

Natale a New-York

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Natale a New-York
Per i pomeriggi di pioggia