2014 was a bad year, but then 2015 happened, and with it new translations into French and Italian for my Sanctuary series. Along with a new series with Diane Adams, more with Amber, bodyguards books, and my second favorite bodyguard book, Max and the Prince.

The state of Texas allowed same-sex marriage and I promised I would write Jack and Riley's wedding as soon as they did, hence Texas Wedding, but I also wrote the *trapped in a snowstorm* Seth and Casey, and The Bucket List (another of my faves). I also started a brand new arc in my Sanctuary series with Accidental Hero.

Books included: The Bucket List, Seth and Casey, Max and the Prince, For a Rainy Afternoon, The Summer House, Retrograde, Sapphire Cay Volumes 1 & 2, Accidental Hero, Shattered Secrets, Broken Memories, Splintered Lies, Sapphire Cay Volume One, Undercover Lovers, Forever in the sun, Il Momento Della Verità, Le moment de vérité, Oracle, The Collection, Texas Wedding, The Case of the Purple Pearl, Love's Design, Alpha Delta, Bodyguards Inc Volume 1, Bodyguards Inc Volume 2, Le Seul Jour Facile, L’Unico Giorno Facile

Sanctuary is a series I love to revisit and you never know I might write more in it in 2021

For a Rainy Afternoon was a short I wrote alongside some other authors with a shared theme. Unfortunately, DSP had it. Enough said LOL. I have it back now.



Trapped in a snowstorm, I love writing forced proximity stories, and snow, it's a theme I've revisited a few times.

If you could be trapped in a cabin with three famous people – who would they be, and you can even tell me why!  Comment below for a chance to win.

Prize: An e-book from this featured year, or your choice from my backlist