2010 was the year everything started – at least kind of.  Including my first ever published novel, Oracle (Which now has a new cover – more on that in a later post!) and the bestselling The Christmas Throwaway

Oracle, Moments, Kian's Hunter, The Christmas Throwaway

RJ Scott, MM Romance, Gay Romance I'd been writing fanfiction for two or three years before this, and my first ever story was taken by a publisher in the dying days of 2009. This short story was called Ascension and appeared in the Brush of Wings anthology, and became the basis for Angel in a Bookshop which I re-released a few years later.

My first published novel was a book that had been percolating in my head for a very long time – Oracle. Based on an old fanfiction I reworked, added, edited, and the book was taken by a publisher to be released in Summer 2010. Kian's Hunter was my first foray into paranormal and didn't fly off the shelves LOL. Still, I loved writing it!

Then The Christmas Throwaway happened. This book began as a short story for a fanfiction friend who was ill, just a couple thousand words. I added more words, scenes, an entire back story, and this book for some reason sold super well Christmas 2010 and into 2011.

Throwaway is the book that I most often get asked for a sequel – but I personally think it would ruin the story if I went back after all this time.

All in all 2010 was a fab start to my career, and even though Silver and DSP have both imploded in different ways, I did get my name out there and it made the next few years possible.


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