Something happened at the weekend. I got the last of my books back from Totally Bound. I always imagined when I had them all back that I would have a lot to say about the subject, and anyone who meets up with me at UK meets has heard it all (LOL).

But, when it came to it, two years extra of waiting for the books after contracts auto-renewed has mellowed me I think… ish…

In summary, new authors, don't EVER sign a contract that auto renews, or get talked into anything that can't be backed up with action. LOL, and ALWAYS speak to authors that have been around the block and get advice before you sign anything.

* * * * *

Anyway, all but one of the books are back out now with myself, all re-edited and a couple of them (Fireman/Cop, Moments) with added scenes.

The last one to be re-released will be Back Home next week.

The cover art is all by the talented Meredith Russell, and she is a bloody miracle worker, sometimes turning around the art in less than a day if I sob hard enough.

As usual, if you have the old versions email a receipt to and Rachel will organize replacements as soon as she is able (she's just ever so slightly busy LOL).

* * * * *

Today I start work on two new projects… The second in the Railers MM Hockey series with Vicki Locey, and also the much requested Gabriel (Legacy #2 – sequel to Kyle). I'm so excited about both of these!