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I have been nominated in three categories in the LR Cafe's ‘Best of 2013' Award… *dances and thank you for whoever nominated me…*

Voting will run from January 20th to 24th, 2014. It runs from midnight to midnight est (USA) time.
Announcement of Winners will be on January 28th 2014 at Noon pm est (USA) on the LR Cafe Yahoo Group and on the LR Cafe Facebook Group. 

Best Western Book nominees (Vote here):

  • RJ Scott’s Crooked Tree Ranch (Totally Bound)
  • Amanda McIntyre’s Rugged Hearts (Decadent Publishing)
  • LB Shire’s The Damned (Breathless Press)
  • Cathryn Fox’s A Cowboy’s Way (Entangled Publishing)
  • Sandy Sullivan’s Trouble with a Cowboy (Secret Cravings Publishing)

Best Cowboy in a book (Reader's Choice) Nominees (Vote Here):

  • Jack from RJ Scott's Texas Heat
  • Kade Dalton, Her Uniform Cowboy, Donna Michaels
  • Chase Tamara Hoffa Chasing love
  • Chase Grayson in THE CHASE by Erin O’Quinn
  • Bodie from Mr Unlucky by BA Tortuga at Resplendence
  • Boone Gallagher from Jean Brashear’s Texas Secrets
  • Will, Chaps and Hopes by Bailey Bradford
  • Trace Rooks in Becky McGraw's Trouble with the Law
  • Raphael – Eternal Lovers – Sekhmet's Guardians Book 1 – V.S. Nelson
  • Joel Young, Make Mine a Cowboy
  • Cody McBride from Cheyenne McCray's Hot for You
  • Cord Dixon in Santa Wore Spurs, from Hope for Christmas by Becky McGraw
  • Wade Hawkins in Shanghaied Bride by L.B Shire
Best Couple in a book (Reader's Choice) Nominees (Vote Here):

  • Jack and Riley from Rj Scott's Texas family 
  • Commander Thane Austen and Kayla Banks of Code Name: Ghost by Natasza Waters (SCP)
  • Mike Cross Emma Brody (Emma's Alpha Amanda Clark) (SCP)
  • Michael McCree and Simon Hart, Heart to Hart (The Gaslight Mysteries), Erin O’Quinn
  • Taylor O'Brian and Robb Van Horn in POINTS ON A CURVE by Diane Nelson
  • Bodie and Addie in Mr Unlucky by BA Tortuga
  • Bob and Jane from The Vril Codex by Ben Manning
  • Royce O’ Bannon and Cleantha Arnaud from Dorothy Bell’s The Reprobate
  • Joe and Olly, Reaching the Edge by L M Somerton
  • Heather and Storm from Hesitant Desire by Barbara Donlon Bradley (Phaze)
  • Jake and Graceann in A GROOM FOR CHRISTMAS by Cara Marsi
  • Aron and Libby McCoy from I'll Remember You by Sable Hunter
  • Nick and Devon from SEAL the Deal by Sharon Hamilton
  • Reed Savage and Kara Sinclair of Christmas in Savage Bay by Ann Lawrence
  • Chaz Duncan and Megan Davis from If I Loved You by Jean C. Joachim (SCP)