Starting a post about what your blog is all
about reminds me of starting a paper in high school. Where to begin without
dragging it out? Diverse Reader is blog that grew into itself. 

I wanted a
platform where I could talk about books. So on January 9, 2014 I started
Diverse Reader. Since then it’s grown exponentially. For the first year it was
just me, alone. Writing promos, blog posts. I didn’t even post every day. 

the last year alone I went from getting 200 hits a day to well over 1000. I
have taken on reviewers Erin and Morningstar. We work with publishing houses
like Dreamspinner Press, and Pride Publishing. Indie Authors hold a place in my
heart so I always work to make sure I get them a spotlight.

Tell me your favourite book of 2016. Leave a comment below and enter a giveaway for a $10 Dreamspinner Press Card. I'll pick a winner on Monday, 22nd August at 6pm GMT.

My blog is a Promotion blog. We do reviews,

Last month Random Reviews started and that along with Release Day Reviews
has a giveaway. All my promotions, if there is a review, MUST have a giveaway.
Call it what you will I have found statistically speaking if you add a giveaway
the draw grows by 75%. That’s awesome exposure for any author. And that brings
me to WHY I do it. Authors. Readers. My love for books. Plain and simple.

The majority of people who visit Diverse
Reader are LGBT, Gay romance mostly. Heterosexual books aren’t turned away but
95% of my readers are part of the LGBT community. Like I said I get a large
volume a day some days over 5000 others 1000. It depends on the post.
It’s hard to pick favorite books I’ve read
because there’s so many but I will pick a few I read this year that I love.  

Chasing the Dream by Andrew Grey is by far my favourite book of his to date (

Another is AJ Rose’s Reaping Fate
Book one Reaping Havoc was marvellous too and this series of hers is my favorite
by her.

I so much want to go on and on about books
I love but truth is I don’t think there’s enough space to
and look at all the posts.

I have Book of the Week, Random Reviews, Promo
posts, Random Five, Top Reads… It goes on and on. With Morningstar and Erin’s
help I push out more advertising than ever for authors. Diverse Reader has
loyal readers that make me smile and I love when I can help them discover new

do it. Authors are
magicians and they come in all varieties.

I adore RJ Scott, Santino Hassell,
Megan Erickson, Kate Aaron, Felice Stevens, Kade Boehme, and trillion others. I
can pick a book for every author I’ve read and tell you a favorite. All you
have to do it go to Diverse Reader

Aside from the site Diverse Reader is on…


And all reviews and such get posted to all
these locations as well as publishers or stores an author asks to have it on.