Hello everyone! Thank you so much for having me, RJ! I’m thrilled to visit and chat about my new release, Anniversary Weekend, Buchanan House: Book Six.

Anniversary Weekend isn’t 100% brand new, but it hasn’t been available outside of the boxset until now so it will be new to a lot of readers. Anniversary Weekend is the series epilogue, so anyone who hasn’t read the series will be lost if they start there.

Two things needed to happen before this series wrapped up—let Tim Tate speak for himself, and get one couple happily married—and where better to do that than against the backdrop of the camp’s fifth anniversary?

What was your inspiration for the Buchanan House series?

I love the beach—I would spend all my downtime on the coast if I could! In 2014 I spent a long weekend on the Oregon coast before starting a new job and it was gorgeous. While I was walking on the soft sand I thought about how much fun it would be to own one of the hotels I passed—it would be a lot of work, sure, but taking breaks on the beach? Sign me up.

That got me thinking about characters who would also love to own a business on the beach, and before the day was out Eric and Nathan were chatting away in my head.

What's the hardest type of scene to write?

For me, the hardest scenes are the ones where have to I deny my heroes their heart’s desire. I’m soft-hearted that way, especially toward my guys with the most difficult backstories (which, okay, is most of them 😊). I’d love to give all of my men everything on every page. But easy HEAs don’t make good stories.

Don’t get me wrong, the journey to happiness is fun and I enjoy writing it every time, but sometimes it’s hard to make characters I love wait long enough so their HEA is satisfying—both for readers and for me personally. Because if my first reader (me 😊) isn’t satisfied that the guys have worked hard enough for their happiness I can’t expect anyone else to be either.

That said, I’m not squeamish about throwing all sorts of troubles in their way. I just can’t do it every day. Sometimes I write out of order to minimize the stress of torturing my characters. *lol*

Will you keep writing more Buchanan House stories?

Thank you for asking, RJ! Readers have asked about a couple of my favorite recurring characters, and I’m working on a spin-off series to give them their HEAs. The first book will release later this summer.

Another spin-off series is starting based on the thriving hookup culture centered around the back doors of the second-floor rooms at Buchanan House. This series will be steamier and focus on the first-time between two (or more! 🖤) characters.

I’ll share more info on both series starting later in June. The new stories are super-sekrit for now or I’d tell you more. 😉

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Quickfire Questions

Favorite movie: The Wizard of Oz
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Anniversary Weekend, Buchanan House: Book Six

Attend a surprise wedding at Buchanan House, and revisit the happy couples from the series!
The Buchanan House family is preparing for the 5th anniversary of their grand opening. Everyone will be there for the festivities which include a Guest Chef Night Ryan has been agonizing over for weeks and a sweet surprise wedding!

This story is best enjoyed as an epilogue to the series and is NOT a standalone.

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