After the last six months I really thought there wasn't a single thing that would make me leave groups on Facebook or have to listen to some of the nonsense  being plastered on my feed.

The whole situation with Silver Publishing and the way they treated their authors was bad enough, but to see what happened with ‘the GRL thing' as it will forever be known in my head, was simply something else I couldn't get my head around.

I appreciate that some of my fellow authors are offended by how GRL have had to change the way they do things. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I fall into the camp of ‘however it is done is the way it needs to be done'. I don't see what GRL is doing as elitist. I see it as bloody good business sense.

As I have mentioned before I attended four Supernatural conventions *nerdgasm*. The first year Jared and Jensen were there. But you didn't know they would be attending until way after you bought tickets. You were punting on the chance of the actors you wanted to see being there.

Then the year I met Jared it was manic but OMG I got to get very near to Jared Padalecki *swoons*. Of course nearly making him fall off of his stool was a little embarrassing but, hell, it was fun.

Despite the fact that I bought the tickets in the hope of seeing them the first year it wasn't meeting them that marked the weekend as a success. By the end of four days I had new friends, met up with old friends, had fun, drunk too much, and loved meeting and listening to the other actors.

My readers are not just RJ Scott readers, or *insert other author name here* readers. The readers who choose to read me like reading MM. End of. They are intelligent people who love the genre. Yes, each reader may have their favourite(s) but at the end of the day they will certainly have more than one author on their must buy list. I am a reader as well but I have so many favourite must-buys.

I will be at my computer on the day that the tickets are available and I will take any position I can, author or not. I just want to go. 

RJ xx
Other posts I read over the last few days that sum the situation up very nicely and a lot better than I do.