Serious Comments on Dreamshpinner Press - RJ Scott, USA Today bestselling author of Gay MM Romance✔️ Changing Accounting Systems and/or software
✔️ Amazon allegedly swapping to a ‘different way of paying'
✔️ Accounts errors
✔️ Long but sporadic emails that ramble and actually say very little at all
✔️ Owners / Management uncommunicative thereafter
✔️ Authors turning against authors
✔️ Bigger authors prioritized over smaller ones
✔️ Secretive groups
✔️ Authors telling you not to contact the company because the company are *super busy*
✔️ Authors saying readers should buy direct from the publisher as they get more money (no this just fills the publishers coffers so they can afford to cover existing debts)

And the biggies…

✔️Authors asked to waive monies owed in exchange for rights back to their work (WTF)

✔️Authors gaslighting and calling other authors liars and stirrers

✔️Authors being scared and not knowing what to do.

Wait, is this more stuff about Silver Publishing? He was a crook, right? That is different. 

Nope, this isn't to do with Silver, this is DSP and I love the guys at DSP BUT no communication leaves a void that can be filled with all kinds of speculation and it is scary as hell.

I have personally had a lot of authors, coming to me, privately, some in tears, some unable to cover bills, some having instructed lawyers, some owed upwards of 3k, 4k, 6k. This isn't a couple of hundred dollars for some of these guys, this is bigger than that. This is foreign translations unpaid, this is money they are owed sitting in an account that DSP is allegedly struggling to access.

And worst of all, communication is completely absent. Why wouldn't we all believe the worst?

My email to DSP today – “In addition, you NEED to communicate. Not some wild long complicated email, but a simple one with bullet points as to WHY you aren’t paying. People are NOT believing you. I don’t believe you. “

Authors need to believe each other, and stop passive/aggressive telling authors they are wrong to listen to their guts. Everyone's experience of DSP will be different depending on 1) the income you generate for them 2) if you are staff 3) whether you got a lawyer/agent involved.

The one thing I learned from Silver and ARe


Trust your gut, do not allow yourself to be bullied into wait and see tactics. Demand answers, have respect that you are a strong author who has worked damned hard for DSP.

I wish, god i WISH, someone had told me this when I was going through the Silver shit.