Hi guys. You may recall I kind of lost January in the whole *I can't write any more* meltdown. Unfortunately this has impacted on the release of book 1 in my Heroes series – A Reason To Stay.

Instead of late March, this will now be 11 April for release on Love Lane and all third party sites. 

I am just going to update everywhere…

The mini breakdown also impacted my blog story, apologies for that one, normal service will resume on *Dreams* from next week.

In addition I have been delayed in two co-writing projects, one with Amber Kell (End Street 5) and one with Chris Quinton (Heat). My apologies to both co-authors.

The good news is that I'm back! My muse is happily sitting at my desk with me, and is constantly whispering storylines and dialogue…

Also, if Texas make marriage legal… just you wait for Texas 6!
Hugs RJ X