The Fireman and the Cop I fell in love with Matt and Finn as I read the story. Their personalities meshed so well and the humor and wit written into their characters was frank and thorough. Ms. Scott allowed for each man to personally develop as the story unfolded and their lives became our own.

A Better Man After reading A Better Man, I am encouraged that there is truly good in the world and that everyone deserves a second chance; at life and love. I look forward to reading many more chapters of The Men of Halfway House.

A Better Man has made it to the top of my all-time favorites list.

Full Circle Once again, Ms. Scott has another winner to add to her ever-growing list of accomplished works. Full Circle does not disappoint; with suspense, intrigue, as always, great sex, and a very interesting twist at the end of the story. Of course this twist leaves the door wide open for more of this hit series.

Still Waters The emotional roller coaster that surrounds Adam and Lee spring from the pages and would not allow me to put the book down. Ms. Scott had me sitting on the edge of my seat cheering for the men in their professional roles but more importantly wanting their personal lives to be reignited in passion, lust and love. This reviewer was not disappointed and I anxiously look forward to reading Manny’s story in the next book. Rated 5 Delightful Divas and a Recommended Read by Evelise!

Guarding Morgan I am a huge fan of character driven plots, loving the angst and torture characters suffer through to find their ultimate happiness. That’s not to say I don’t love a good action-filled story either. What Ms. Scott has achieved is a wonderful blend of both character development and a storyline centering around action. Rated 4 delightful divas.

Deefur Dog Deefur Dog is wonderful. There were times I wanted to cry but most of the time I was smiling and falling in love with characters. In Deefur Dog, Ms. Scott finds love in the unlikeliest of places and carries us along for the breathtaking journey. I could not put this one down. Rated 5 Delightful Divas and a Recommended Read by Samhain Queene!

Moments – Moments by RJ Scott is a multi-layered novel of redemption with an engaging cast of characters. Jacob’s recovery is realistic and sometimes painful to read as he realizes he is ultimately responsible for the path his life has taken. Ethan and Jacob take the time to slowly and carefully cultivate their budding relationship, and the passion between them is explosive. RJ Scott delivers a well-developed character driven novel that you don’t want to miss. Rated 4 Delightful Divas by K.B.!

The Soldier’s Tale Together with Mark and Jack, Sean and Daniel help to weaken the curse and learn more about what could break it completely. The Soldier’s Tale is a heartfelt and a painful journey toward seeing yourself as others see you. Daniel is an amazing character. RJ Scott has done a brilliant job continuing the tale. Rated 4 ½ Delightful Divas by Samhain Queene!

Shattered Secrets by RJ Scott and Diane Adams Rob and Jamie are sexy, hot, and you want them to push through all the ugliness to reach their happily ever after. I look forward to reading more of the intriguing world [they] have introduced us to in Shattered Secrets. Rated 4 Delightful Divas by Samhain Queene!

Back Home – Back Home by is a delightfully engaging novel. Strong family ties and flawed characters provide added depth and authenticity to this well-plotted story. RJ Scotthas once again written a powerful and passionate romance that will resonate with her readers. Rated 4 Delightful Divas by K.B!

Kian – Overall Kian: The Fire Trilogy Book 1 is a tale of love, magic, and fulfilling destiny. I certainly plan on reading more from this talented author. Rated 4 Delightful Divas by Doug!