So, today I sent All Romance my finished manuscript for Alpha, Delta… YAY!

Problem was, they asked for my backlist, detailed by book.

I started to type them out then realized that I had a couple more than I first thought and so I instead made a spreadsheet. And what I realized with quite a bit of shock, is that Alpha, Delta is my 72nd book.


Somehow I skipped past 68 and 69 without realizing (and I had been childishly looking forward to writing book 69 and tweeting the number all the time!)

Anyway. Seventy-two. Wow, that is way more than I imagined I would write way back when I first submitted Oracle. I am so lucky to be able to write, and so lucky that people would be interested in reading my stuff.

So… Thank YOU for reading.

The full list of all my books:

The Heart of Texas (Texas #1)
Texas Winter (Texas #2)
Texas Heat (Texas #3)
Texas Family (Texas #4)
Texas Christmas (Texas #5)
Texas Fall (Texas #6)
Guarding Morgan (Sanctuary #1)
The Only Easy Day (Sanctuary #2)
Face Value (Sanctuary #3)
Still Waters (Sanctuary #4)
Full Circle (Sanctuary #5)
The Journal of Sanctuary One (Sanctuary #6)
Worlds Collide (Sanctuary #7)
Bodyguard to a Sex God (Bodyguards #1)
The Ex Factor (Bodyguards #2)
A Reason To Stay (Heroes #1)
Last Marine Standing (Heroes #2)
Deefur Dog
Deefur and the Great Mistletoe Incident (out 5 December)
The Christmas Throwaway
New York Christmas
Jesse’s Christmas
Angel In A Book Shop (out 12 December)
Valentine 2525
Child of the Storm
Spirit Bear
All the King’s Men
One Night
The Decisions We Make
The Art of Words (with Meredith Russell)
The Gallows Tree
The Soldier’s Tale (book 2)
Heat (with Chris Quinton)
Follow the Sun (Sapphire Cay #1)
Under the Sun (Sapphire Cay #2)
Chase the Sun (Sapphire Cay #3)
Christmas in the Sun (Sapphire Cay #4)
Capture the Sun (Sapphire Cay #5)
Kian’s Hunter (Fire #1)
Darach’s Cariad (Fire #2)
Eoin’s Destiny (Fire #3)
Oracle (Oracle #1)
Book of Secrets (Oracle #2)
Shattered Secrets (Shadow Of The Wolf #1 with Diane Adams)
Broken Memories (Shadow Of The Wolf #2  with Diane Adams)
Splintered Lies (Shadow Of The Wolf #3  with Diane Adams)
Love Is In The Title (Love #1)
Love Is in the Hallways(Love #2)
Love Is in the Message (Love #3)
Back Home
The Fireman & the Cop (Ellery Mountain #1)
The Teacher & the Soldier (Ellery Mountain #2)
The Carpenter & the Actor (Ellery Mountain #3)
The Doctor & the Bad Boy (Ellery Mountain #4)
The Paramedic & the Writer (Ellery Mountain #5)
The Barman & the SEAL (Ellery Mountain #6)
The Agent & the Model (Ellery Mountain #7)
Crooked Tree Ranch
The Case of the Cupid Curse (End Street #1)
The Case of the Wicked Wolf (End Street #2)
The Case of the Dragon’s Dilemma (End Street #3)
The Case of the Sinful Santa (End Street #4)
The Vampire Contract (Supernatural #1)
The Guilty Werewolf (Supernatural #2)
The Warlock’s Secret (Supernatural #3)
The Demon’s Blood (Supernatural #4)
The Incubus Agenda (Supernatural #5)
The Third Kingdom (Supernatural #6)
The New Wolf (Building The Pack #1)
For A Rainy Afternoon (out 2015 in editing)
Alpha, Delta (out 2015 in editing)

Not forgetting The Christmas Throwaway in Italian, French and Spanish, and New York Christmas coming soon in Italian and French

I haven't included Ascension, my first ever short story that is no longer available, and Two Plus One my horrifically embarrassingly early MMM which is also not available any more… ROFL