What I want to see in Rome? Everything. I’m only really there for one full day plus a handful of extra hours, but I want to see as much as I can.

There will be the obvious things – I want to see the Colosseum, Vatican City, paintings, fountains, I want to go down backstreets and see parts of Rome that tourists don’t normally see. I want to touch history, and listen to stories.

But one day, so I have to prioritize. We’ll probably do a touristy bus tour (sighs – my knee won’t let me just wander around like I want to right now) just to get around, and then get on and off to look at things. The Colosseum is the big one, but I know for sure that it will probably be heaving with tourists. The same for St Peters Basilica, and the Sistine Chapel, but maybe we’ll get lucky!

I’ll do my research before I go, but if you have any advice, then I’d love to hear it!