RJ SCOTT MM romance author - USA Today best selling author of MM RomanceNew project = new notebook. Well, that is the way it is for me. I buy, use, and then store so many notebooks that I probably need an intervention. I don't need any more notebooks, I know that, but when I see them sitting on a shelf, it just has to be done.

There is nothing as wonderfully inspiring as a blank page in a brand new journal or pad, and the possibilities of what to write are endless.

Notebooks are so pretty, with animals, or butterflies, or random watercolor patterns, and I have some that I will never use, because they are too pretty.

Yep, an intervention is probably called for.

And don't get me started on pens and highlighters. I have hundreds of pens YET when i go into a supermarket and see there is a special offer on Sharpies, you can bet I will buy them.

Case in point, last week I bought a set of pastel highlighters – 4 of them – and they cost 99p. I was over the moon with these highlighters, which goes to show how easily pleased I am… LOL

I used to visit Staples just to walk around and look at the stuff in there… sometimes I didn't even buy… just looked.

Tell me I'm not alone in my love of stationery?