The following books are being re-released with new cover art:

Deefur Dog

Kian (July 2013)

Darach (August 2013)
Eoin (September 2013)
Jesse's Christmas (re-written) (December 2013)

The following books will be signed over to my co-authors from 15 June 2013

A Better Man

Free Replacement Service

If you have an old book and you want the replacement book with the new cover art then please don't spend your money and buy them again… if you have proof of purchase (from your Amazon account, Silver Account, AllRomance E-books account etc) then email me this to and I can replace any you have a receipt for free of charge… I will try to answer all emails as quickly as I can. Please indicate which format you require from PDF, Mobi (Kindle) or ePub.

Hugs and thank you for your patience…